G.P wont up meds for silent reflux!!

Emma - posted on 04/18/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I dont know if anyone has any advice as iam at my whits end!!

My 4month old daughter was diagnosed with silent reflux 3weeks ago ( after batteling with the docs since she was 2wks old!)

shes currently on baby gavisgone which i find helps a little but has no way cured her symptons, she still crys during her bottle and doesnt sleep well atall, for the last week weve had bouts of crying with no way of settling her!

ive asked the doc to up her meds but they say as shes gaining weight they wont give her anything or let me see a specialist,!

well ofcourse shes gaining weight shes feeding every 2and a half hours, and i can only give her 6 sachets a day of gavisgone so shes not getting enough for the amount of bottles shes taking, theyve just told me to 're-jig' it to find a way that suits her!!!


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Angela - posted on 05/08/2017




My son was in the same situation. He is 8 months old now and we have been giving him Prevacid and Reglan but still no relief. He still had poor eating and crying and arching. I went online to find something that is natural and will show instant relief. I found an herbal tea called "Babies magic tea" which is for babies with colic, gas, and reflux. I read a lot of testimonies that it works like a charm, unlike the meds the doctor gives.

Iridescent - posted on 04/18/2010




It's not safe to give too much, and it's a very weight sensitive medication. We were giving it twice per day, at max dosage for 24 hours, which means there were plenty of bottles with no medication. If she's taking more bottles than 6, you need to find a way to space them out fairly evenly to every 4 hours then to be safest for her.

I don't know where you live so I don't know how your health care system works. Has your daughter had an Upper GI done? If not, I don't see how you can have an accurate diagnosis of silent reflux. It would be very important to do so. Inform your doctor you need a referral for your daughter's care as with reflux there is always a risk of developing aspiration pneumonia unless they can prove she is NOT aspirating. You don't know until you have the Upper GI. Make it clear that a lack of treatment on his part is not your problem, and if you don't get the referral you'll find her a new doctor. Then do so. And if the answer isn't really reflux, it's something else, get that treated appropriately instead.

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