Has anyone been successful in bringing a carseat onboard an uncrowded United flight for a lap child?

Grace - posted on 02/24/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I checked the availability for a flight departing in a few days and there are a good number of open seats as far as I can see right now. My aunt and I will each be traveling with a twin as a lap child, so I am trying to decide whether to lug 2 carseats (already have carseats I can use at my destination) along in hopes that United might allow me to bring the carseat on the plane and use the seats to help restrain and let the twins sleep on the 16 hour flight. Has anyone been able to do this with United before? And if so, for what flight and what did you do to get the carseats onboard?


AMANDA - posted on 02/25/2012




i just flew from providence to sacramento with my husband and twins. we flew southwest thought not united. but on the way there we had both babies in their carseats.. they have to be in the window seats and you can only have one baby per row. it made it soooo much easier for us since we had 10 hours of traveling time.. on the way back though they flights were full and we had to hold them in our laps and check their carseats..

i would reccomend if you have a returning flight to check he availability on that one as well to help you make your decision.. if they are both relatively empty and the airline says thats probably how its going to stay then take their seats with you.. you will al lbe much more comfortable and the babies will have an easier time as well..

hope this helps! and good luck!

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