How do I wean my 2 year old twins?

Tina - posted on 04/24/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




In need of advice, PLEASE! I'm still breast-feeding my 2 year old twin girls. I read weaning tips online & got advice from their doctor but, nothing seems to help. My girls are really attached to breast-feeding and they still wake up at least twice in the night to breast feed. They know how to drink from sippy cups and they eat well but, they still ask for "boobie" though out the day. It's hard when I'm out in public & they start pulling down my shirt, crying for "boobie".

Any advice?? Thank you.


Tina - posted on 04/29/2012




Get them on a schedule and cut the least favorite session first, wait a few days to cut the next least favorite. I found on accident that when my mom had them for a night they didn't want the milk, just me. When she tried to hand them a bottle they dropped it and went back to sleep. So having someone else get up with them is a good idea, and it seems that if children do something for about 3 days in a row it becomes habit. You must be firm when telling them no, if they get away with it once they will keep doing it. If you have to go to more extreme measures then try helping yourself "dry-up" and maybe that will help them loose interest. Cabbage leaves in your bra or cooking with sage or taking sage supplements may help. Antihistamines are known to do the same and even though most of them are "probably safe" it still seems iffy on trying. Good luck.

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Good for you for nursing your 2 year old twins! A couple of suggestions.. how about working on night weaning and then re-evaluate? I found that when I night weaned my twin boys, I felt better about continuing to nurse because they were NOT ready to be completely weaned.

Here's an article about night weaning:

You can adjust it to work for you. It was important that my husband took over because if I did it, they'd want to nurse. My husband would hold and tried to comfort them as they cried :( They were NOT happy. It took about a week or so.

Another suggestion, I'd work on nursing manners. My boys weren't allowed to pull down my shirt.

And finally, I'd try to limit their nursings. I got my boys down to twice a day because I was feeling totally touched out:

-Distractions. I'd try to distract them by giving something else (rarely worked LOL), I'd take them places to where they'd forget. I kept them busy doing something else. Their place to nurse was the couch so I avoided that.

-Limit nursing. I'd say "Ok, when I get to 10 nah nahs are all done!"

And more weaning techniques. Keep in mind that it's not advisable to go cold turkey:


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Charity_knox - posted on 04/26/2012




I just have to say congrats for nursing till two. Way to go, I am nursing my 5 month old twins and love hearing positive stories about breastfeeding multiples. I guess I am not much help with the weaning tips but had to say you rock!

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