How do you find time to exercise? With twins!

Michelle - posted on 11/27/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




hey, just wondering how your post baby bodies are? I had twin August My first children, and I know im not going to go back to my previous size over night, but its all new to me, My stomach is still a bit hard i look about 4-5months pregnant with twins lol! My dr says its my uterus.. How long should it stay hard for? Any tips on finding the time to do exercise? I gained 27kgs and have lost 16 but that was mostly baby and fluid.


Shantel - posted on 11/27/2009




i made a game lol i would run and make the bottles dance to make my boys laug. when i hang out the washing i would do sqwatlol . i weight 74 kg when i was preg now im down 2 49kg.

Desiree - posted on 11/30/2009




I was 128 lbs when I got pregnant, 182 lbs when I delivered. Back and forth in the hospital to the NICU and walking around inbetween the feeding times I lost all but one lb in the first 2 weeks. The lbs weren't really the problem. My belly is still FLABBY! I've been trying to do floor excercises while they're napping to kind of tighten up, seem to be working a little. I haven't lost any more lbs but I have noticed my clothes fitting differently.
I don't think there is anything you can do about your uterus still being hard. I had c-section with my boys. About 2 inches above and below my scar I have absolutaly NO feeling what-so-ever. There is a hard tube feeling section directly beind my scar but that's it so far. It would be nice if after babies we had magical model bodies :D But I would much rather be flabby, stretched, and marked with babies, than flat, toned, tight, smooth and childless!

Jodie - posted on 11/29/2009




my twins keep me so busy i have no time to exercise. i am losin the weight but i would like to tone up.ill do that thou when the girls r older and easier for family to look after

Carol - posted on 11/28/2009




My exercise is my twins! My twins are now 10. I think the only way i kept fit was that I didn't have time to sit or eat. There's alot of funny in this but still truth! They will keep you hopping!


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i weighed 170lbs when i conceived and weighed 292 the day i delivered my twins. I am 5'9" and had ALOT of swelling and water weight. I lost 63lbs the day they delivered me. I still have not lost the rest. I had PPDepression and work full time on top of the kids. I simply don't have time to exercise unless i sacrifice sleep time. We all know you have to sleep in order to get the bod back right as well. I am at a loss, really, on how to fit that extra bit on my platter.

Catherine - posted on 11/29/2009




Hey I had my twins in august as well. I have lost almost 40 lbs but 30 came of in 2 weeks..lotsa fluid and baby. Good cheap way to excersize at home while the babes are napping...jump rope, workout videos and free weights. Also invest in a double jogging stroller. I have a shwinn, its great. Dont be too hard on yourself, you've got alot going on!
also please join my community here on circle of moms "weight loss support after birth" Im trying to grow it, please join and tell your friends..LOL. Hope this was helpful.

Anita - posted on 11/29/2009




Hi, I don't actually have twins but they are 10 MONTHS APART which I beleive is harder than twins lol (different developmental stages...). In answer to your question.. I do not even get time to eat somedays let along excercise. I don't put my children in childcare which means they are with me 24 hours a day and it's EXHAUSTING to say the least.The only excercise I get is housecleaning lol. I have managed to lose all my pregnancy weight (probably because I don't get time to eat lol) but still need to lose the flabby belly. The only way I would have time to excercise is to hire a babysitter. and even then I would probably rather spend the time doing housework or catching up on my work (I run my own Taxation business.. hmm maybe that's why I am exhausted lol)....My two are now 15 months old and 5 months old and I am back to 63 kgs (I was 85kgs during my last pregnancy). I had my daughter last June and I still looked pregnant for about 3 months after. but then again I didn't really give by body a chance to recover from the first pregnancy as I fell pregnant only 4 weeks after giving birth to my son....

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