how many twin mum BF there babies nd how long for??

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how many twin mum BF there babies nd how long for?? I'm single mum 2 7yr old boy, 2yr old girl nd 13mths twins :) I'm still feeding my twins but I'm also wondering how ill I wean them when they wnt drink cows milk nd the only way I get them 2 sleep is 2 feed them! any help nd adive nd how shud I do it?? pliz :) xx


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I've nursed all 6 of my kids (which includes my twins, who are almost 5 now). You haven't said if you've already introduced sippy cups to them. After introducing sippy cups around 8-9mos to my kids, I start giving them whole milk in the cup around 12mos. I actually nursed the twins til they were around 14mos. When you decide it's time to wean, start taking away a feeding at a time. Leave the 1st morning nursing time and last 1 at night til last. It sounds like the last 1 of the day is your twins' most important nursing time, so that one should be the last one you stop. With each nursing time you take away, give it a week or so before you take the next one away. I hope that info helps. Just remember to not make a huge deal out of weaning, so they won't think it's a big deal. I hope all this makes sense :)


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I nursed my twins until they were 22 months, I got then to sleep with out nursing by having my husband put them to bed for a week, maybe your mom or a friend could help you out with that? If you start giving them a cup of cows milk you could cut out a nursing session once they get used to drinking it, its not easy but gradual is way easier than having them scream, my twins weren't ready to do any amount of weaning until they were about 17 months or so, its hard but its worth it, good luck!

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I only nursed my 3yr olds for 10 weeks. I was a FT working mom and between my work schedule, lack of food, and sleep I just never produced enough milk for them both. As far as sleeping, letting themselves to sleep once in a while does miricles. There is nothing wrong with it as long as you know they aren't hungry. I started that up about 6 mo and they have slept through the night ever since.

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i only bf for 4 months, i had also pumped so that my husband could help me feed. i had a back supple of breast milk, so i mixed that with formula. by 6 months i started giving them a sippy, by 12 months they were off the bottle on now at 16 months they get a sippy and hour before bed and then they go to sleep. my girls r on solids, and have been for a long time now. they have not slep in our room since they were 3 months, they sleep in the same room in separate cribs. if i were u i would start taking away a feeding or just try to mix breast milk with cows milk in a sippy.

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I BF my boys about 16 months, but for the last several months I only fed them right before bedtime. They were eating tons of solid food by then, and it was really just for comfort. I thought going down to once a day I would lose my milk, but with twins it just kept going. We moved them to their own room about this time, and they didn't seem to mind at all when we gave up that last bedtime snack. They're 27 months now and they still like a little bread and milk at bedtime before we brush teeth. It's nice to sleep with something in the tummy ;)

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I nursed for 2.5 years. My first baby self weaned at 18 months and the other I weaned myself because it was painful and he was frustrated. He liked the milk too much but I didn't have any more and we both were crying. I felt sorry for him but he understood, he knew there was no milk he told me. My goal was 2 years. It was hard but I miss it.

I also pumped for 11 months to keep the supply up.

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i bf my twin girls for 4 months, i nursed and pumped. the way i weened them was they were not only nursing but getting a bottle, and we mixed the breast milk in with formula for about a month ( i had a back stock). i suggest u just try giving them a bottle or a sippy cup. i started giving mine a sippy cup ( straw kind) at 6 months they were off the bottle at a year and now only drink from a sippy cup. they also go to bed on there own. i have never given them a bottle or a cup in their crib. they get a cup of either milk or water and hour before bed.

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