I am soooo confused...

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Hi ladies, I am new here but I wanted everybody's opinion. I am almost 30 weeks pregnant and we don't know for sure if we're having twins or not. For a little bit of a background history, we have 5 children and the last set was twins. One prior pregnancy we had a vanishing twin so it seems like multiples run in our family. This time around I was sick for even longer than I was with my twins and I felt movement at 10 weeks. I wanted to go to a home birth midwife and when she tried to find the heartbeat at 15 weeks she said she heard them all over the place. At that point I was measuring 18 weeks. I decided to schedule an ultrasound at our local Pregnancy Center just to see what they could find and we all (tgere were four of us in the room) knew that we were seeing at least 2. That was at 16 weeks. At around 20 weeks we went in for a gender revealing at an ultrasound boutique and she said as well that she could see two. She also made a comment that she couldn't find any division between the babies meaning she thought they were in the same sac. Because of that we decided to go to the largest hospital we have in the area for an ultrasound with their Maternal Fetal Medicine, because my midwife wouldn't even consider delivering twins that were in the same sac. The tech had the wand on my belly for a full five seconds before she announced that there was only one. Every time I asked her to look around and see if there was another baby she got ticked off because I was questioning her. We left that ultrasound super confused and unsure which one to believe.
At my largest I was measuring 8 weeks over and my midwife has always been able to find two heartbeats. I just went in for another ultrasound at the Pregnancy Center to see if we could find our answer and we are still positive that we can see two babies. However because the hospital told us there's only one we have no idea what to think. I am actually a little bit larger now at 30 weeks than I was when I was carrying my previous twins at 30 weeks. I don't want to go to the hospital for birth unless it's absolutely necessary and they were the ones that told us that we have nothing to worry about with a home birth because there's only one baby. What would you do in this situation? I don't want to make the wrong choice and end up with a home birth that we can't handle. Sorry so long!!


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Wow...with all these twin moms that's all the help I'm going to get? Wasn't worth posting!! This actually doesn't feel like my previous twins because they were both transverse right up till the end, this time there's at least one head down. Thanks anyway.

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If u feel as like before with ur twins then it would be twin ...just pray to God everything will be ok ameen

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