I have twins, boy and girl (2 years, and 10 months). What is the easier way of potty training?


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Amanda - posted on 07/14/2010




I don't have boys I got two girls that I have had potty trained going on a year. The best advice that I can give him potty training mommy is PATIENCE! Lots of love, hugs and encouragement!!!! With my girls when they started saying they wanted to potty I went and out and bought a potty chair which they would not use, I ended up having to purchase a snap on seat for the big toilet and they loved it.. I couldn't keep them off of it... I stopped by diapers all together and during the day I would I put lil undies on them and night I would put on pull ups.. I would put them on the toilet even if they didn't have to go I would do it so they could get the hang of it... I also did the treasure chest where when they would go to the potty they would get to pick something from the chest (candy, suckers, stickers, cookies).... I also did potty songs and picked up some books on pottying... After a couple of weeks of doing that they were going by themselves... Good Luck to you

Barbie - posted on 07/14/2010




my twin boys are almost finished potty training they are 2 three in october. I work as a CNA so to get them started a day when i was home from work we made them sit on the potty every hour they didnt like the little potty so we would put them on the big potty and they finally went and got to hear it when they went they thought it was so funny. Also we made a big i mean BIG deal about it when they went so they were very excited. Your girl will probably be easier to train with my daughter we took a weekend and took all the diapers away and let her pick out her own big girl panties and took her to the pot every hour by monday she was using the potty on her own and hasn't used diapers scince.

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