If you were having twins tomorrow~well, maybe not tomorrow, exactly~what would you name them?

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If you were having twins tomorrow~ well, maybe not tomorrow, exactly~ what would you name:

A girl-girl set?
A boy-boy set?
A girl-boy set?

Would you go the old-style twin names route and give them matching initials or names that rhyme?

Would you seek a similar feel and style?

Would you find names with related meanings?

Would you want them to be completely distinct from each other?

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My pregnancy was planned, I had decided to name my boy Fisher. When I found out I was having twins I was going to name them Fisher and Hunter. When I learned they were both girls, I was at a loss for a good while. We were going to go with Fawn and Marlin, but I didnt like the way Marlin sounded with our last name. I chose Savannah after my first horse who I loved (cant wait to tell her thats where her name came from) and kept Fawn as her middle name. It took longer to pick a name for Baby B, but we finally decided to feminize my husbands name Heath Alan and made it Heather Alana. I didnt want to go with similar names because I remember working in a pharmacy and twins getting scripts mixed up because their names were very similar

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My boy twins are Grant and Gavin. My boy-girl twins are Geneva and Griffin. If we would have had a set of girl-girl twins, I would have named them Eden and Geneva. All the boys have the middle name Dawson; Geneva's middle name is Diane. My mother's maiden name was Diane Dawson and kids were all given one of her names in honor of her -- so I have three boys with the middle name "Dawson". It seemed wrong to only give one boy the "special" name in honor of my dearly missed mother (who died of ovarian cancer five weeks before the first set of twins were born), so they all share a middle name.
The names all start with the same letter, but it was really more a coincedence rather than a master plan.

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We did not match with ours at all. Just picked names that we liked. Our b/g twins are Ashley Grace and Jacob MIcheal and our twin boys are Kaleb Alexander and Joshua Tyler.

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We named our twin girls: Emma Jewel after my husband's grandmother and Mary Grace (call her Gracie) after both of my grandmothers. And our son is named Hank Thomas after both grandfathers. We liked the old, family names. Even though Emma and Grace are both popular right now, the names have alot of meaning for us which is why we chose them.

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We didn't find out the gender so I have the following combinations to choose from in 6-8 more weeks!

Russell Edward and Cory William
Juliette Elise and Autumn Elizabeth

Not sure what I will do if I have a boy and a girl because I cannot decide between my girl names. I guess I'll flip a coin or something.

I purposefully didn't come up with anything "matchy" or even similar in feel/style. I did use "E" as the middle name for three combinations but that's just because I happen to find three "E" names I liked. I had Elliot with Cory but now Elliot is too popular so I won't use it.

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I have twin girls and I named them kylie and allyssa, i named them after two best friends that i knew because i hoped they would be best friends to, I didnt like the rhyming name thing, i think they need somwhat of a name of their own and i always joked that if i was yelling at one of them i wanted them to know who i was talking to lol

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Molly & Kiera
Davis & Pete
Molly & Davis

I went with names that I liked or meant something to me. I had a boy/girl so I went with Davis and Molly. Davis is my maiden name and Molly is a name I liked. I tend to go towards older names that aren't overused, my oldest daughter is Lucy. I really wanted to stay away from the rhyming names just because I wanted them to be their own identity and not known as the twins.

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Ashley and Lexi

Kirk and Logan

Logan and Lexi

theese were the combos we had ready until we found out what we were having we had 2 boys and did call them Logan and Kirk XX

i just went for names i liked nothing else mattered to me but i have stayed on a theme of celtic names as my other 2 children are called Ewan and Myra

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