Inducing labor with twins......

Regina - posted on 06/02/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm at 40 weeks, my doctor just called and proposed inducing labor thurs today is tues. He didn't give me much time to mull it over.

Any way, I don't know what to do. I have never been induced and have heard negative things about it. The scariest being it increases your chance of c-section which ofcourse is allready high with twin labor. I'm concerned about the stress it will put on the babies.

The other factor that has me up in the air is all the doctors in the office are gone for a week except for the one doctor that has virtualy no experience with twins and a high rate of c-sections. If my doctor induces me I'm garenteded to have him and not Mrs. c-section.

Does anybody have any experience with inducing labor with twins or any thoughts on the mater


Regina - posted on 06/03/2009




After no sleep last night, I was up all night making a decision. Unless my doctor's answers to my concerns and questions are unfavorable, I'm going to be induced tomorrow. Thanks for your comments. I'll keep you posted.

Amanda - posted on 06/02/2009




when I was finally induced due to high blood pressure, it was a very fast 6 hours, but i have been induced with all my babies. all was quick and smooth. no problems. they made me deliver in the OR( with my twins), just in case of emergency c-section, but I have never had to have one. now with my last baby, i was there for 3 not freak out on me, I had not thinned out enough, to start the real inducting meds, so i was in there with a pill trying to make me thin out...then it went quick...i was in no way in labor the whole 3 days.....THANK THE LORD! :) so, here is the run down.

baby # 1-induced 2 weeks early...went c-section

baby # 2 & # 3-induced 2 weeks early.......went great-no c section

baby # 4 & # 5-induced 3 day early.....went c-section

baby # 6( was to be twins again, but lost one early at about 5week preg.) was induced 2 weeks early,lasted a little long, but went

I really thing that is all depends on your body...and at 40 weeks is great. I think you will be fine. I will be thinking about you...can't wait to see pics and see how big they are.God Bless.


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I was induced with my twins at 37 weeks. The only complaint I have is how quick the labor went from 0 to "holy crap" !! Didn't give me much time to get mentally prepared and it was very hard labor very fast. I also didn't like that they had me on the monitor the entire time so I wasn't able to get out of bed. I learned from that and will definitely let my doctor know I don't want to be stuck in bed the next time. The entire labor and delivery took just 6 hours and the boys were born naturally and very healthy. I was moved to the OR for the pushing (just in case of c-sec) but everything went very smoothly. I opted for epidural...I would DEFINITELY do that again..that was my lifesaver in the process. Pain meds are up to the individual it worked for me and made the experience much more pleasurable. Good luck!!

Apryll - posted on 06/02/2009




I was never induced w/ my twins. I had a c-section w/ them because that was my choice. But if both babies are head down I would go for it and especially if you are comfy w/ this doctor and not the other one. If the doctor was worried about putting any stress on the baby he would say lets do a c-section but if you are healthy and don't have any complications like high blood pressure I would go for it. Good Luck w/ your twins....twins are a blast!! It is hard at first but after you get used to it....its the greatest

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