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Jasmine - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




My doctor told me today that she thinks they are sharing a sac and the placenta. I have to see a specialist. Is there anyone else out there that had identical twins that shard everything? i would really love to talk to you.


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Tracie - posted on 09/20/2010




Don't worry too much about this. My identical boys shared a placenta, but not a sac. However, I do know that the main concern in either event is Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. This is when one twin begins to get too many nutrients from the placenta, and the other doesn't get enough. Doctors are very aware of this, so you will probably get more ultrasounds to monitor the babies' development. If there begins to be a major discrepancy in the twins' sizes, they will want to have the babies born right away. This was a concern at the end of my pregnancy, when it appeared that there was suddenly a 2 pound weight difference between my boys. I had a C-section the next day (at 37 weeks), and it turned out the weight difference was only 10 ounces. Both boys were perfectly healthy, and came home in just 4 days. My point is, doctors today are very aware of the higher risks of twin pregnancies, and yours is sending you to a specialist, which shows she knows what you & your babies need. This is a good thing, and will mean the best possible prenatal care for all 3 of you.

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Hi there.
Just wanted to let you know I followed up with my friend about the details of her pregnancy and thought I should give you an update. My friend had one placenta and one sac but she said there was some sort of membrane separating the babies. Everything went very well for her. She delivered at 37 weeks and both girls were healthy weights. (I made an error earlier when I said she delivered early... that was someone else). Just thought you should know high risk doesn't mean things will necessarily end up poorly! Take care.

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I have identical twins that shared a placenta, but had separate sacs so I'm not exactly in your position. All I can say is try your best to stay calm and not stress and make sure you have a good high risk doctor. I had to see a high risk specialist because my girls had a discrepancy in ther weights and they were concerned about possible twin to twin transfusion (not the case) Just find a good high risk doctor that you trust and be prepared because they will monitor you very closely which means more appointments so try to pick someone close to your home if possible. There is a group on Circle of Moms for people who have MOMO twins which I believe is what you are having Monochorionic Monoamniotic (1 placenta 1 sac) not sure, but I think so and I'm sure they would be very helpful. Good Luck to you!

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My twins were not mo-mo but they did share the same placenta. We had more frequent prenatal appointments and they were born at 28 weeks. They called this twin to twin transfusion. They were 1lb 10oz and 2lb 14oz. Twin B was the receipient, they say that the smaller one usually goes under the radar. They both had isolated issues. I don't feel that this created a huge issue with my boys, other than them being preemies. They were in the NICU for awhile and back and forth to the hospital and doctor appointments afterward.

If you would like to message me you may. I could answer some questions for you.

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I didn't (mine are fraternal). What you are referring to are called mo-mo twins. Monochorionic-monoamniotic (meaning they have the same placenta and are inside the same sac). I am hoping your doctor is wrong because momo twins are very, very high risk. Go see the specialist to find out for sure. If they are in the same sac, you are going to require a lot of monitoring and should expect lots of ultrasounds. You will also likely be on bedrest. There are specific support groups out there for moms carrying momo twins -- you could probably find them by just searching online or posting a post here under the heading "momo twins". Then the momo moms will see it. I wouldn't worry too much until the diagnosis is confirmed -- I had a friend who was told she had momo twins and the specialist then determined she didn't.

Amanda - posted on 08/31/2010




I have never dealt with this situation but have seen on birthing shows on TV were women have gone thru this so I looked up some information for you and I will send it to you in a message just so you can read about what is goign on that way you can be prepared for questions for your doctors

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Try to relax! I know it's hard, but remember doctors are required (by law) to list everything that go wrong. Take it in stride. The specialist is to make sure you get the best care possible.

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Don't worry! First of all many family doctors will refer all their multiple pregnancy patients to a gynaecologist so don't worry! I had specialist and my twin pregnancy had no complications.

Someone in my twin prenatal class had one sac and placenta. She needed to see a specialist too. She had a lot more ultrasounds than the rest of us but everything went fine. I recall they came early and there was a difference in size but both are healthy 10 month old babies now. I should add both were preemies of course and in NICU for nearly 4 weeks.

Although you have a high risk pregnancy the medical advances we have made over the last 20 years are amazing. If you have access to a level 3 NCUI unit (the most advanced) preemies can survive and thrive as early as 24 weeks.

Tawnya - posted on 08/31/2010




calm down stressing out is not going to help anything, i personally have not dealt with this but my best friend did and they are now 18 months and fine they were/are like any other twins they were just born a little smaller than normal becasue they were a little cramped for room, but healthy so stop stressing out as it will only stress out the babies as they feel everything you do emotionally

Heather - posted on 08/30/2010




I have never heard of this, but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

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