Lower back and pubic bone pain

Mayra - posted on 04/07/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )





I am 26 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins, I just started having a lot of pubic bone and lower back pains, especially when I get up and walk around. Did anyone else go through this? Is this in any way an early sign that I will deliver much earlier?


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No! I had the same problem and carried my twins to 38 weeks! A twin pregnancy can cause your pelvic bones to separate and they can actually "grind" in the front when you walk. It can also be caused by the ligaments stretching. Either can be very, very painful. Also, the lower back pains just come with the territory. Part of the many joys of a twin pregnancy. For your back, make sure you are not pushing your tummy forward when you are sitting -- your back should ideally be supported by the back of your chair.

Ria - posted on 04/14/2010




I don't know about delivering earlier. I had my twins at 37 weeks and walked around with pain similar to what you are describing for the last 10 week. By the time I got PUPPS at week 35 I had gotten used to it. Drink as much water as you can keep down and get some sort of support belt. A warm bath helps too.

Stacey - posted on 03/23/2012




Im 34 weeks and having a singleton, i spoke with the ob because i keep having sharp, stabbing, grinding pain in my pelvis, she let me know that with each child you have ( my third) more pressure is put on your pelvis. so between the baby and your uterus all that pain is going to be there until you give birth, the upside she informed that a maternity belt will help and to keep off my feet as much as possible. right now i'm laying in bed with a pillow between my knees pretending its a thigh master to try to strengthen the muscles and relieve the pain. best wishes to all that suffer from this type of pain.

Jodie - posted on 04/16/2010




it sounds like you are describing SPD or symphusis pubic dysfunctin ( not sure of spelling) I had it with my singleton and my twins! The ligaments in the pubic area stretch during pregnancy but with spd they stretch too much creating pain and difficulty walking! I was given a belt that lifted the weight of the babies off my pubic area but was only allowed to wear it for an hour a day i also was given crutches! Sleep with a pillow between your knees this can help the pain and try not to walk or stand for too long, i know that's not easy i had a 3yr old when i was preg with the twins so he still needed lots from me! Try and keep your knees together as much as possible! Hope this helps good luck, spd can often go undiagnosed so talk to your gp

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I have 8 month old twin girls. I remember having the same pain and my doctor told me it was just my muscles stretching and making room for the babies. It was almost impossible to get out of bed and walk at times. I ended up sleeping in the recliner so I could be upright. My doctor gave me the go ahead to use Tylenol sparingly for relief. Just keep in mind that the pain does go away. Good luck.


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Christine - posted on 05/10/2010




omg pubic bone pain and hip pain were the worst and what sucks is my twins are 5 months old and I still get it really bad. I am thinking of trying to get to a chiropractor but with twins.. this can be difficult

Jasmine - posted on 04/15/2010




OMG!!! it seemed like from day one i had alot of pubic bone pain and pressure. my doctors didn't seem to think that this was any concern, they just told me that it was where the babies where droping and stretching everything out.

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I have 6 month old twin boys and was put on bedrest at 26 weeks. every morning when i woke up my pelvis bone hurt so bed it took me at least 15 mins just to get out of bed. so i had to sleep sitting up on the couch with lots of pillows to make myself comfortable. I finally had my boys at 37 weeks 5 days. I don't think at all it has anything to do with you getting ready for labor its just the extra weight that your body is not used to. best of luck with your little ones!

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Hi I am 29 weeks and ended up in the hospital 2weeks a go for the same thing just to make shore every thing was ok. They told me that the reason that it feels like some one has hit you with a base ball bat is your placenta releases hormones getting your pubic bone ready for the big day, it move and is making space. It will go away in like 5 days or it did for me. My dr. told me that some people have to walk with a cane to help them.

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Thank's for the advice ladies, I think I will call my OB and see what she say's. I hope that it's not premature labor. I will keep you posted.

Melissa - posted on 04/07/2010




I am also 26 weeks, tomorrow 27 weeks, with fraternal twins. I was recently told I have a shortened cervix (right now it should be at 2.5cm but it's at 1.7) and one of the bag of waters is funneling. They found this the day I hit 26 weeks. Since then I have felt some pressure on my pubic bone. I called the doctor and was sent to the hosp. and started having lower back pain with contractions. The finally got both to stop and the next morning I was sent home. I have since had another ultrasound that showed my daughter's head is right at the top of where the funneling is and pressing on my cervix. I still have the pressure with laying in bed all day for the last 6 days!

I'm not trying to scare you. It could be just that with all the extra weight from the babies, especially if they are heads down, that could cause it but I think you should call your doctor cuz both of what you described are signs of preterm labor. It's better to be safe! I hope it's just your babies being handfuls already and I hope you update us!!

Christine - posted on 04/07/2010




I had pain in my lower back and especially my hips from about 14 weeks. The twins it seems were making my pelvic bones separate earlier than in most pregnancies. This happens with singleton births too but are usually of a higher degree in twins. If you have any worries ask your doc. Mine told me to take it easy. and try not to stand for long periods of time as that makes the pressure worse.

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