My kids hate tummy time, is a bumbo seat worth buying/trying?


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Krista - posted on 06/28/2009




My twins were not fond of the bumbo and hated tummy time as well. Our therapist said that kids only need a small amount of tummy time a day and she advised we put them on their tummy 5 min each time we changed them. That worked for us because it was a short time and easy to remember. Eventually they were stronger and I was able to put them on the play mats they make with a U shaped pillow? That was the best thing till they were strong enough for regular tummy time!

Ann - posted on 06/24/2009




I recieved a bumbo when I had my son & he loved it (warning though he did discover to get himself out by straightening himself and I was glad I payed attention to the warning given 'use on the floor only!!!'. Anyway... My girls were preemies and used them alot. So much so that we borrowed one from a friend. (It even helped to get them in a picture with my son who is too little to hold them) . The one child had skull surgery and then the Bumbo was a extra bonus to keep her off the sides. And although I have it for the girls, my son (who I took it away from for a while) likes it now and he is 2. I will say the tray was a waste for us

Crystal - posted on 04/20/2009




Hi I wouldn't use Bumbo as a subsitute for tummy time - it sits them upright so as Jennifer said it doesn't give them the exercise they need. My girls (now 6mths) went through periods of hating tummy time - as it got easier for them to lift their head they liked it more.

I was lucky enough to get a inherited bumbo, then a xmas present bumbo from my sister. My girls like being up and looking around so they like them - and I love it for feeding them solids! It gives me an extra hand when I can't hold one to look around (as a single mum I always need more hands!) My 1yr old nephew used it til we nicked it just as a high chair/seat even when he didn't need it for back support.

Have you tried rolling the kids tummy down on a big ball (gym ball)? That was a trick to get them used to tummy time that my health nurse gave me and also gives them a sense of balance and space (though for fun I'd just bounce on it with them too!)

User - posted on 04/19/2009




I found a generic version of the bumbo made by Summertime at Babies R Us. It has a removable tray with toys on it... my kids still like it. Later you can take the tray off and even the cushion insert and use it as a booster chair! Stick with the tummy time though, it will get easier. I didn't put my kids on their tummies enough and my son developed a crooked head :( Thankfully he took to sleeping on his tummy otherwise he would have had to wear a helmet.

[deleted account]

Hi, my little boy used to love his pod. We used to take it everywhere, but when i dug it out for the girls i was glad i didn't buy another 1. They were over impressed by it. I think i've only used it twice and their 1 in a couple of weeks. When they were ready for seats to eat in, i invested in 2 of those chairs that clip onto the edge of ur dining table (ingenius design) i did try highchairs but getting 2 around a table was a nightmare and they love eating with the rest of the family.

Jennifer - posted on 04/19/2009




If you can find a used one for a reasonable price then I would say get it. I hardly used mine because my twins didn't care for it too much. If I were you though I would be persistant with the tummy time because it not only strenthens the neck but it also will help them learn to roll over and eventually crawl. My son was ok with it but my daughter hated it, so each day I would try to increase her time by only 30 seconds until we finally got to 15 mins a day. It was tough hearing her cry but she eventually got over it.

Mecca - posted on 04/19/2009




HI! My little ones didn't like tummy time either. We bought a bumbo, but really didn 't use it much at all. I have heard others say their kids really used theirs alot, but I wouldn't bother with getting one.

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