Need HELP! How do I get my twin boys to stay away from the road!

Donelle - posted on 05/04/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I could really use some suggestions to help keep my twin boys away from the road. They are 3 yrs old and I don't want to keep them confined to a backyard with only grass. They like to ride their bikes and today they were playing with chalk outside, I had to go to the bathroom and when I came out they were gone. Hopped in my car and found them 3 blocks away. I told them that they scared me and that they cannot go across the road without mom or dad, then a cop pulled up behind me, asked me if everything was ok and I stated yes I was going to the bathroom and they took off. I was soo angry at them but then I was happy that they didn't get hit by a car or kidnapped. I took there toys away and told them no more front yard they can only play outside in the backyard, which is really no fun for them. I also put them in time out. Can anyone help me please.


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Shari - posted on 05/06/2010




At 3 my twin boys didn't have a concept of danger about leaving the yard. I, too think that leaving 3 year olds outdoors is too young. I think as far as you having to come in and use the bathroom you should bring them with you. Before going outdoors to play I would tell them the rules and explain to them why these rules are here. Kind of making it like a stipulation. If an argument should come up which it most likely will immediately take them inside and tell them they can't play outside because they didn't listen and you'll try again tomorrow. And just keep doing this everyday until they know that when mommy needs to go potty (as they would say) we have to follow. When my kids did this I would reward them by giving them a popsicle or some sort of treat and a big thank you for listening then back outdoors. But kids are very curious as this age therefore I would just limit their play to the backyard for now. I don't want to sound ugly but you found them this time but maybe not next time. Just be really cautious. Good luck Donelle.

Kristy - posted on 05/06/2010




Seriously? A three year old is far too young to play unsupervised near a road. They don't have the comprehension of danger, knowledge of road safety or judgement about cars at that age. They just don't have the understanding that a car could hit them or a stranger could take them. My suggestion is either to make the backyard more fun, or if you're going to let them ride bikes etc out the front, then you have to stay with them. If you need to use the bathroom, take them inside with you! You can't get angry at a 3 year old in that situation, or justify punishing them, because I'm sorry to say it, it was your fault. And if I sound harsh, it's because I'm honestly a bit horrified that anyone thinks this is ok. Do you leave them in the bath by themselves too?

Justine - posted on 05/05/2010




Look I don't know, personally, I think 3 is too young to be playing unsupervised outside - maybe just keep them in teh back yard for a bit longer? Or if you need to go back inside - bathroom, telephone etc - make them come with you???

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