need some advice 9 month old twin boys

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ok im having a few issues with feeding they are on formula and have been since 5 weeks old

both have bad reflux so they are on an anti reflux formula

my issue is i have 1 really fussy bub who does not like to be spoon fed he likes to do everything him self and ive been giving both a lot more finger foods how ever 1 eats a lot of food and i think hes not eating enough finger food but wont take a spoon feed if his brother is having finger food

the other issue we are having is since they have both been having finger food they have gone from having 4-5 bottles each a day to have 6-7

the have 3 food feeds a day and want a formula feed every time they go to bed and one of them wakes up 1 hour after hes gone to bed and has another bottle then settles for the night hes been doing this since he was 5months old

the other thing ive noticed ive been doing is if i formula feed 1 baby and he doesnt drink it all ive been giving the other twin whats left of that bottle so i think ive got myself into a bad trap here

any ideas or suggestions would help me greatly thank you


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Bev - posted on 01/18/2010




thank you so much for replying these are helpful posts :)
the formula the boys are on suggests 8 -9 oz for the boys ages but they only ever drink 7oz so i make that up and they are content with that much
i cant offer water at this stage because of the reflux i have talked to me pediatrician about the water issue and he said dont worry about it till they can keep down non thickened milk and that is not happening yet
my really fussy eater has reflux really bad and sometimes still vomits after weetbix even though its a thick texture
i have to thicken everything still :(
i will have a look for the book thank you again

Kate - posted on 01/18/2010




HI my day of feeds is like this

soon as they wake between 7-8am 5oz bottle and porridge and a yogurt

nap 10am-11am

11am 5oz bottle and meat lunch fruit pot pudding and finger food

1pm nap

3pm 5oz bottle snack and yoghurt finger food

5.30pm veggie tea fruit pot pudding finger food

7pm 5oz bottle bath and bed

water offered all day they help the selves to the beaker

i now give them 6oz at breakfast and 3oz in the porridge

no milk with lunch

6oz at 3pm and 7pm

there is a good book by gina ford my friend used it as she had a fussy eater but she was breastfeeding but the book is great THE NEW CONTENTED LITTLE BABY BOOK


hope you get some help from this ;)

if your two are thirsty little ones give them more milk at the set times you know what your bubs wants my two showed signs of wanting less milk so i went of the signs and they have around 20 oz through 3 bottles in the porridge try offering water if one wakes up an hour after going to bed

Bev - posted on 01/17/2010




i try not to give them to many snacks i try to give them meals

this is what i have been doing but i want to cut out 2 of the arvo/ night feeds

6:30am 7 oz bottle

8am 2-3 weetbix with fruit

10:30 7oz bottle and bed time

11:30am home cooked veggies/ fritters for finger food

12:15 7oz bottle

3pm fruit

4pm 7oz bottle

4:30 bath

5:30pm 6oz jar baby food each and 7oz bottle

6:30pm 3 oz bottle each then bed

7:30pm oldest twin has 7oz bottle

Kate - posted on 01/17/2010




hi my two have four bottles a day from 8 months the now one year old i did 5oz before breakfast lunch ,3pm snack and bed time bottle they have breakfast at 8 lunch at 12 snack at 3 and tea between 5-6 with bed time bottle at 7pm i found letting them have a spoon and feed but you feed them aswell so they interact on the feeding side they sit at the table with us and i try to offer a finger food after every meal so they get used to tastes and textures and the feel of some foods grapes make my two giggle they love the feel of them it all about exploring for them bit like us as adults trying new foods . sticking to meals and not doing snacks inbeetween is a healthy start as thats how kids get in to the eating rubbish all day a nd refusing proper meals at meal times as they are full from snacking

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