Need your opinions, One twin only bmilk the other only formula

Nichole - posted on 09/30/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm looking for everyones honest opinion. Last week I decided that I was no longer going to pump or nurse my b/g twins who will be 5 months on Oct.9. Anyway about a day and a half into just straight formula and only 1 nursing time each night I noticed that my daughter was getting a little more fussier. I decided then to start pumping again, luckily I didn't completly dry up. Since my daughter has been getting bmilk she has stopped being fussy. One more thing before I ask the question when I pump I only get enough milk for 1 twin so it takes a couple of pumpings throughout the day for each of them to have a bottle of bmilk and at night i would nurse them because they only took in enough to fall asleep and they were satisfied. So here is my question is it alright to give my daughter only bmilk and nurse her while I give my son only formula and then nurse him at his only night time feeding. Another thing is that my son has always been the stronger one and feel that my daughter would benefit alot more with just all bmilk and no formula.


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Chelle - posted on 09/30/2009




Dont feel bad about it do what feels right for you and your twins i breast feed one for about 4 months and bottled the other feed them at the same time put my bottle boy on a pillow nursed in my knee's saved a bit of time and when i got to the point i couldn't keep expressing for him and supplying my other boy i put them both on formula i found it much easier but follow your heart and maybe your daughter needs a different formula i tried 3 before i found one they both of luck :)

Frances - posted on 09/30/2009




I nursed one twin and bottle fed the other. One of my twins just didn't like nursing and it was too hard for me to nurse both. Don't feel guilty about it, this stuff happens.

Karen - posted on 09/30/2009




There is no reason why you can't Breastfeed you daughter fully and Bottle feed your son. you can still have close contact when bottle feeding. It sounds as if your daughter isnt ready to move on to formula yet or the formula may not suit her.

your milk should sort itself out when you start adjusting your feeds it normally should meet the requirements of your baby/babies

Its a long time since I last breastfed 9 years but when I dropped feeds with mine my milk production changed too


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