long do they go during day/night? Sleep?

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My b/b twins are almost 6 months. I am still nursing both of them. It seems they only go about 2-2.5 hrs in between the day and about 6 hrs at night. How do your twins eat during the day/night? One of the boys does ok sleeping at night the other is up a couple times. They were in the NICU and they got them on a every 3 hrs feed. I tried to maintain that as close as possible but it seems like they start getting fussy at the 2 hr mark. They usually come off all by themselves when nursing.

For the evening they usually nurse at 5:30, get cereal between 6:30-7:00 then nurse to go to bed. But usually seems they get up between 4-5 a.m to eat again. Last night the both ended up in bed with me at about 2:30am and I managed to hold them off till 6:15 but only with the pacis which I too am tring to get rid of. I do lay them down when they are asleep, trying to avoid it.

Any advice??????


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congrats for still nursing! breastmilk is so important for babies! i too am nursing my twins. they eat every three hours (sometimes longer if we are out or have guests). occasionally (rarely) they do get hungry sooner than that, (probably growth spurts), i have read that boys go through them more frequently than girls. do you try a paci when they get fussy rather than feeding them? maybe they just need to suck?

we used to put the girls down around 830 and then woke them to eat at 10, then they slept until 730am. (we have since eliminated the 10 feeding) we figured, we would rather wake them (we were doing that in the beginning anyway... as i am sure you were too with the 3 hour NICU schedule, so they are used to being woken to eat.) to eat before we went to bed rather than being woken at 4am. this way, we get a full 8 hours of sleep. it worked out great. maybe you could try that. then you will be getting more sleep yourself!

our girls wake around 8am, they eat, we play for a little bit quiety in our bed, then they go back down and they usually nap until 11. we stick to the eat, wake, sleep, three hour schedule. 11/1130, 2/230, 5/530 (i try to be a little flexible depending on our plans for the day. they do not nap every 3 hour block anymore, but on a good day they do take 3 naps.) then 830 and they go to bed... sleep til 8am.

i read somewhere that if babies consistently wake at the same time, they are waking out of habit, not hunger. maybe you can try just resettling them at 4 and see if they go back to sleep for a fews hours, that's how we were able to eliminate the 4am feeding. my husband got up with them (it's better if you have someone else do it. by your site and smell, they are going to think it's time to eat. if dad goes in, they have a better chance of going back to sleep.

again, good luck. please add me to your circle if you would like, i would love to help out in anyway i can... and someday, i might be the one with the questions!! :)

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