OK I have identical twin boys that are about to be 4 years

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I need some advice my twin boys that are about to be 4 are always climbing fighting and do not listen to me I've done everything you can think of to adjust this problem I just need to know if there's other moms that are going through this and how do you handle it and in what are some of your punishments that you do please help I am going crazy I also have a 4 month old baby boy


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It is not a matter of whether you have twins, triplets or not. It is a matter of handling the issues the boys are having and making sure they understand the proper behavior you expect from them. Do they get consequences and are they consistent when they are out of hand for whatever reasons? Do you have a set of rules for them to follow? Or do you just let them get away with it because they tire you out with trying to discipline them?

You need to have constant and consistent rules and consequences for them. You need to be firm and mean what you say for whatever is going on at the time. You need to keep doing it all the time not for the short time it works.

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