Ok so I am 20 weeks pregnant with Identical Twin Boys. I have previously had 2 perfect vaginal deliveries but I am terrified of the possibility of having a C-Section! Does anyone have any advice for me?!?


Nomi - posted on 07/19/2012




power of positive thought. i had vaginal first and was also concerned about c section. but just GAVE birth 6 weeks ago and the twins came out so easily even with second breech. best of luck.

Charity_knox - posted on 07/19/2012




I do agree with positive thinking. I had a natural vaginal delivery with my fraternal twins. At 30 weeks my Dr. Mentioned C-section and I found another Dr and delivered my twins naturally. Be informed and feel comfortable with your Dr.

Louise - posted on 07/18/2012




A C-section is nothing to be scared of. It is straight forward and all you need to do differently is get some help in place for when you get home. Having to recover from this as well as look after two babies is a bit of a chore! Unless you have been told that you are going to need a c-section dont dwell on it.It is possible to have a normal delivery for twins.


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Paula - posted on 08/07/2012




My first child was a vaginal delivery with no complications. I wanted my twins to be also. I was anxious the last few weeks of pregnancy because twin B kept flipping around, twin A was in perfect head down position.
My midwife & doctor knew I did not want a c-section unless absolutely necessary.

They told me that if baby A (the one positioned lower in my stomach) was head down and if baby B was head down or transverse (sideways) we could go ahead with vaginal delivery.
If either baby is breech then they wanted to do a c-section.

At the time of birth, baby A was head down and baby B was transverse, so when I delivered the first baby, the other doctor had her hand on my stomach and guided the second baby's head down and viola! no issues.

Best wishes!

User - posted on 07/24/2012




I was the same with the anxiety. After three vaginal deliveries, two of which were so fast and also at homei worried about a section. (i hemmorhaged with my 3rd and it was a singleton, so its a risk of pregnancy period, but yes, increased with multiples).

In the end a section was the best and only option for me as my twin A was transverse at delivery and b was breech. If I had been pregnant in the "olden days" it wouldn't have ended with two healthy babies.

Good luck, think positive and just remember that the ultimate goalis to bring healthy babies home.

Kim - posted on 07/23/2012




It all depends on how the babies are positioned. I delivered my boys vaginally, but they both were in the vertex position and there were no complications. It really all depends on your doctor, but talk to them now and see what they say. My doctors were all for a vaginally delivery if possible, but I still delivered in the OR just in case. The only complication I had after delivery was that I hemorrhaged a few liters of blood. It was awfully scary. With twin pregnancies, your uterus stretches much more than with a singleton, some hemorrhaging is more common because the uterus cannot contract as well after delivery.

But, like I said, talk to your OB and let them know your fears and concerns etc. I had 4 doctors in my practice and all 4 had different ideas. I knew which doctors would deliver the second baby breech, and what doctors wouldn't. My worst fear was to deliver one vaginally, and have to get a C-section for the second. I was lucky and the second baby didn't flip or change positions. My labor and delivery was about 12-13 hours from the time my water broke till the time the second baby was born. These are my first 2 kids.

Marsha - posted on 07/22/2012




i feel the same way about a c-section as well, me son was natural, and if my twin dont turn down i will be cut.

Allissa - posted on 07/19/2012




Thanks Louise and Nomi!! You have eased my thoughts! Positive thinking! Positive thinking!!

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