One twin is trying solids the other is in love with her bottle...

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She loves her bottle! Her sister is such a good eater its quick no fuss no mess..but the other one loves her bottle! She spits the food everywhere! I've tried everything even holding out a little longer to give her that bottle but the minute she sees it she starts cooing, lol it's a love affair! I'm just worried she isn't getting what she needs..any suggestions? P.S. the girls are 6 months


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Karey - posted on 04/09/2014




Same here! She dances and coos at the sight of her bottle! The other is slowly figuring out the rubber spoon and how to swallow puree green beans and peas. But both are still primarily on formula.. introducing solids has been slow. M had an allergic reaction horrible diaper rash! I'm treating that now before revisiting solids. Maybe Gerber Rice Cereal in the bottle isn't a bad idea, though I was aiming to start puree veggies first..

Amy - posted on 08/11/2009




I wouldn't worry about it...just keep trying and giving her the opportunity. I have one twin that loves food and the other is still working on it. We just keep introducing it to her and keep positive and try to make it exciting for her. Good luck!

Heather - posted on 08/11/2009




Just keep trying, she will eventually start eating. I would keep the bottle out of sight as long as possible while trying to feed the food. Maybe try giving her less formula in the bottle, maybe only a couple of ounces that way she is still hungry when the bottle is all gone.

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