Potty Training my twin girls

Sheila - posted on 06/29/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




I have recently started potty training my girls, and am struggling with it. My little one, who is usually the follower when it comes to milestones, is actually taking the lead on this one. The other one doesn't even seem to be interrested. I have a friend that has twin girls, and she told me that they were actually easy because it was like a competition to them, but mine don't seem to be that way. I've moved their potty chairs into the living room so they can watch a movie to help them relax. The result?....sitting for a long time with the smaller one eventually going potty and one or both of them crying alot. I should also mention that I have implemented a reward system for success. When the one that refuses to go sees the other one getting candy and wants some too, I tell her that she has to go potty in order to get the candy. Should I abort all efforts with the one who doesn't seem as interrested, and focus on the one that goes more in hopes that the other one will catch on and start following? What worked for you?


Krista - posted on 07/10/2010




Even though I had the twin girls, there was only one little potty. It always stayed in the bathroom with the big potty. I would just announce that it was time to go TRY to potty. We each took a turn and one did I would praise her and clap and got the other one to cheer along as well. Then the other would try. She would get the same reaction if she went. If she couldn't or didn't, I would just say something like, "Well, maybe next time." I wouldn't dwell on it or make a big deal out of it. And, they cheered for me as well! lol Eventually they will get it. It just takes time and persistance. And although they are twins, they are individuals as well. Good luck.

Amanda - posted on 06/29/2010




Hi there Sheila! I also have twins girls who just turned 3. I have had them potty trained for about months now. My girls wouldn't use a potty chair they absolutely was terrified of them. So I purchased a snap on seat for the big toliet and they used that it made them feel like big girls. I started doing potty songs with them and telling them potty stories. I also done a treasure chest (candy, suckers, stickers etc) and everytime they would use the potty they would get something. I also started a star chart that I would place stars on at the end of the day if they went all day without an accident. At the end of the month if they had so many stars out of 30 they would be rewarded with something that they wanted to do (a new toy, go somewhere or go out to eat).... I stopped complely buying diapers and had them wear Lil girl undies during the day and they would wear pull ups at night. They have been off of pull ups for about 2 months now and they do very well... The biggest thing is to give hugs, loves and kisses and to encourage them each and everyday....


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Sheila, The best advice I ever got... “they will do it when they are ready – generally by 3 - definitely don't force them”... I have 2 girls (now 39mths/3.3yo) and found my keeping on top of their training was causing everyone stress (esp. as I was heavy pregnant and then with a new born during 2 of my attempts). My 'follower' trained herself completely in a fortnight in January at approx 31mths. Her sister (the leader), is still not really interested, she is getting better every week, sometimes she does nothing and I certainly wouldn't trust her without a nappy. I tried on three separate occasions from the age of one, and they would go through fazes of interest. I teach them what to do and that they can go when they like. I tried 'Smarties' but this would cause tears to the one who couldn't/didn't go and I didn’t want to cause food issue for them later in life – food as a reward. I found sticker charts better - smiley face for wees and a big star for poos. Good luck!

Ryn - posted on 07/09/2010




I have twin girls, they didn't get potty trained until they were 3 1/2, but this is how I did it and it worked fabulously. I used two methods. one I had a rugrats clock that talked every hour - so they knew when it talked they had to go potty, also i had a calendar posted in the bathroom, I allowed them to choose stickers that they really liked (small ones for going #1..pee, and bigger ones for going #2...poo. everytime they went they were able to pick the sticker they wanted and post it on the calendar. at the end of each week they got a little something special (go to the dollar store). We agreed that when they were completely potty trained that they could have something big! They chose horse riding lessons....and that's what they got for 2 months through the city & county programs!

Heather - posted on 07/08/2010




Your story is so similar to mine!!! My twin girls will be three in December and the leader of the two doesn't care the slightest about the potty! The other had her days where she did great, but when she realized her sister wasn't interested she lost interest too. :( So now neither of them really care again, and I'm sad.

Niki - posted on 07/07/2010




I'd say there is definately nothing unusual about one twin being ready before the other. I used The Potty Boot Camp by Suzanne Riffel. www.thepottybootcamp.com Goodluck.

Fiona - posted on 07/05/2010




I decided to potty train my twin boys when they were three, assuming as twins they would do it together - but no! One was interested & aware & managed fine, but the other wasn't interested at all and had accidents everywhere. So we put him back in nappies & he was quite happy. Then 3 months later he announced he didn't want nappies, and just startyed using the potty! So, just go with whichever twin is ready - no need to push them, as they'll come to it when they're ready!

Carrie - posted on 07/05/2010




I am still working on it with mine, but I have one that wants to try and the other doesn't, so I decided I will wait with the other until he is ready. So far it's working good, and I think it's good for the one who is resisting to see the other one getting lots of praise for going.

Monica - posted on 07/03/2010




Potty training will go much easier for you if the child is interested. If one is not, than focus on the one that is and dont' worry about it. I found my twins did things within a month of each other, so it is possible that once the one catches on, the other one will follow.

Gina - posted on 07/01/2010




One of my girls was scared of the toilet and was toilet trained 4 months after her sister they were 2yr 7 mth and 2yr 10mth. My oldest was 22mths. they all do it in there own time and will let you know. just because they are twin they will not do anything at the same time. Just praise the one going and the second will follow in her own time without drama. Hope this helps.

Dotty - posted on 06/29/2010




My twins are boy and girl.....my girl took to potty training straight away with noproblems....my boy however,didnt....he absolutely refused to wear underwear...he became hysterical sometimes when forced to have them on and try using the potty....we got the potty training nurse in and she gave suggestions like reward charts,and not to make a fuss etc.....but to no avail....i gave in..let my daughter use the toilet as she should...and left my son in pull ups until just over a year later he took himself off to the toilet and didnt look back....within a few weeks he was even dry at night....lol
so my conclusion is that just because they are twins doesnt mean they have to do everything together,and maybe you should continually encourage the one thats doing the potty,and ignore the one thats not as am sure she will follow on when shes good and ready....hope that helps...Dotty xx

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Ok this is how i see it, just because they are twins are and the same age and all doesnt mean they will both be ready at the same age to potty train. I would go ahead with the child that seems interested and keep potty training her and rewarding her. The other one will eventually catch on and see that sister is getting rewards and mommys praises and will want that positive praise too. I havent started potty training my twins yet but my son has been going strong now for a while. We would give him one small piece of candy for going number one and he would two or three pieces for going number two, then he got bored and we had to change things up, so then he hot wheels every time he did a number two, but then he wouldnt pee for me so yeah. I finally said ok. I took away the pull ups and put on his big boy underwear and put up a sticker sheet. everyday he goes without an accident we put a sticker up and then if he makes it a month then he gets a big prize like going swimming or a day at the park or a small new toy. I knew he knew what he was supposed to do and that now i really know he was just using the pull ups as a handicap. he wanted the same attention that my twins were getting, but now he gets special attention and gets to do different things now because he realizes he is a big boy. Dont push it and make potty training fun for the one who is interested now, and what works with one may not work for the other, you may have to try a couple different things. Your other child will catch on soon enough. You have to endure the rain to get the rainbow. GOOD LUCK!!

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