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I've got the Baby Jogger City Mini. Loved it when the babies were young. Am soo frustrated with it now. My 13 month olds are not huge, but not tiny. One at 23 lbs, other at 25 but it is such a struggle to get them in that thing. Granted, they've never particularly loved it but now that they are bigger and weather getting colder that hate it! I use the JJ Cole Bundle Me with it and I am figuring if there is already so little space it will only get worse. Plus the wheels are not going to make it through a winter (we had a mild one last year so it wasn't such a big deal) and I refuse to be housebound!

Can't really afford a new stroller but am thinking about it if it will make life easier.
Suggestions? Please tell me which stroller you have and why you love/don't love it.

Specific points of interest to me:
1. Fits through standard doors
2. If I could get it on a bus that would be great but side-by-sides for sure can't do that.
3. I definitely need the larger wheels BUT I have to be able to collapse and get into garage back door (not standard size) at the end of each day.
4. My daughter is already strugglig to lean forward and see more. Does anyone know of dbl stroller that sit up more (I am so envious of those comfy, cosy, content looking kids in single bugaboos or the hard shell backs that tilt forward!).

Thanks in advance!

Any thoughts on BOB?


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Ceinwen - posted on 12/12/2010




Maclaran side by side stroller was great for my twins fits through normal doors, good turning circle, goes from lay back to totally up right, midle size wheels but they cope fine with foot ball fields beach park and street. Hope this helps and it folds down small and is light

Jackie - posted on 12/11/2010




have you checked out Craigs list in your area to see what is available used. That way if you hate it you haven't spent a fortune? I have had a Sit N Stand Deluxe, a standard double and a triplet stroller and have loved all of them. But they do get mighty heavy. My triplet stroller is 47 lbs.

Liz - posted on 12/10/2010




I have a set of two and a half year old b/g twins and a five month old son. We have a Joovy big caboose sit and stand triple stroller for them. We love it and it has been a real life saver. I'm pretty sure they make a smaller version of it too.

It is a bit cumbersome at times and hard to maneuver, but surprisingly light considering it is a triple stroller.

Danielle - posted on 12/10/2010




i had a side by side that we spent almost $900 on and I hate it with a passion, i finally went and got instep grand safari for sooo much less and i absolutley love it. there roomy and i love that the canopy is adjustable, it has mp3 player hook ups, and it has a bar in the front, that i needed for something my girls can hold onto and its harder than you would think to find a side by side with a lap bar, and best of all it fits easily through single standard doors

Ciera - posted on 12/10/2010




i have 28 mo twins and a 4 month old. I had the graco duoglider when i FIRST had the twins cuz their carseats went in it and i liked it fine. it wasn't very sturdy for long walks though. i had the Jeep stroller and loved it. it was idfficult to turn and also to fold at first but then once i got the hang of it it was great! now i have the Joovy big caboose. it's a triple where the third seat is a sit and stand. i love everything about it except that i dont have a van or truck and it does not fit in my 300 very well. i can get it in and out but only if i set the back seat down to push it through and since i have three carseats in the back seat that is not very easy. but if i had a van or truck i would not have anything i disliked about it. i got it brand new still wrapped and all for only $99.00. if you look for one, wait until the joovy warehouse clearances all their magazine models out. that is how we got ours for that price.

Debbie - posted on 12/10/2010




I had a Peg Perego single stroller for my first two children and it was great - well balanced, easy to fold and set up, etc. When I found out I was having twins, I purchased a side by side stroller at a garage sale - what a mistake! It was heavy and awkward and a real pain to take in stores, etc. I didn't have a second car, so we walked everywhere. So, I purchased a Perego tandem stroller - large base, large wheels at a used clothing sale. It was the best! Easy to push, easy to get around in stores, etc. It would have been impossible to take on the bus and it took a little time to set up when I took it to the mall (getting it out of the car, etc), but great when we got rolling. Sold it to another family after we were finished with it. Better than the wagon because they were in separate seats and couldn't kick each other.

Christine - posted on 12/04/2010




valco baby makes a wonderful side by side double stroller. small enough to fit through standard doors. Light enough for a double stroller, large all terrain wheels and folds up to fit in the back of a vehicle. It is pricey @$700 but it is what I have ordered for my twins coming in March based on reviews and other mothers I have talked to

[deleted account]

Love my tandem stroller! Unfortunately Graco discontinued it. That's how i got it for a good price. I am sure the other graco tandem strollers are fine.

CHERYL - posted on 12/03/2010




hi i have 17m old twins.im in the uk and have the icandy pear which is a single frame with 2 seats(also had carrycots and seats when they younger)its has bigger wheels( good as its snowy here)it fits thru every door and easily get on the bus.the seats can face 4ward or backwards lie-down and sit straight up. i also have a side-by-side mcclaren and its lightweight and infact the twins prefer this pram.but it only just fits thru doors and i struggle on the bus.

Heather - posted on 12/02/2010




I gave up on strollers and use a wagon... It fits in the trunk of my van and through all doors great. It isn't any more awkward than a double stroller, but easier for me to control (pulling instead of pushing). The seats fold up so they each have their own, or the backs fold down so one (or both) can lay down and nap. We have taken it on a bus once... but it wasn't the best experience of my life...

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