Shouldnt 1 yr old twins be sleeping through the night and how long?

Sarah - posted on 12/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My twins go to bed by 10pm. They wake up at 758 on the dot every morning. They do not sleep through the night. Each of them wake up once between 1 and 4am. I have stopped giving them bottles when they wake up unless they are really throwing a fit. But its still the fact that I have to get up and rock them back to sleep. And I have heard, just let them cry and they will go back to sleep! NO THEY WONT! I let my daughter scream and she wakes everyone in the household up! Its
quicker to pick her up and rock her to sleep then to listen to her cry and scream for a good hour. My son, if he even sees my face walk in that room, there is no laying him down and rubbing his back....he throws a fit too! HELP!


Ciera - posted on 12/17/2009




It sounds like they have figured out that if they scream long and loud enough, eventually they WILL get you to rock them to sleep. If it's too hard on you to let them cry, maybe just come up with a consistent bedtime routine. Any kind of routine but one that winds them down and gets them ready for bed. Maybe even read to them as they fall asleep. It will help you get a little more distance from them thanthe rocking. That is a security thing for them. They need you right there with them for them to feel safe, which is totally normal. But maybe a slow and gradual distancing will work. Start by, instead of rocking them, let them stay in their own bed but you can still stay near them and maybe sing or read so they can hear your voice. Gradually and as slowly as they and you need, distance yourself more and more as they fall asleep until eventually, you can just put them in bed, read them 1 story and leave and they still feel safe. Keep to the same routine though EVERY night or it may take you backwards if they feel something is off balance with their routine. It will still be tiring but if it works for you then it may be worth it in the end. I am one of those who let mine cry but it was okay for them bc it only took about a week and they were good to fall asleep on their own. Unfortunately for my sister's daughter, she was like yours. She was their first child and so was used to always sleeping with them and everything and when she was 1 1/2 they wanted her sleeping on her own. It took about a month and she still would cry herself to sleep still sometimes but only about a week or two of that and she would just fall asleep. By 2 years, she just took herself to bed and sllept the whole night. I hope this helps and if not, hopefully it won't be long before everything works out for you! Good luck!

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