Sippy Cups?

Rachel - posted on 06/22/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I bought my boys like three different types of sippy cups, since we are supposed to stop the bottles soon. I got the rubber ones that they have to actually suck on to get anything out, those didn't work out... too messy. I got the firm ones and those just pour liquid everywhere... VERY MESSY!

I am just getting frustrated. What do I do???


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Boon Inc. makes a great sippy cup called the Fluid. They have a hole in the middle so little hands can hold them easy and they have a very small top. They were my kids favorite.

Candi - posted on 07/01/2010




You might try a straw cup (with no valve! The valve makes it too difficult). It took our boys literally months to use a sippy, so don't be discouraged! Sometimes it just takes some exhausting-seeming training. We would hold the boys hands while they drank (counting to three seconds so that we knew they weren't getting flooded). You might also hold both their chins and the cup to ensure that their lips are sealing around the sippy lip. Finally, no matter what the world tells you, don't worry if you still have one or two bottles hanging out! Our nutritionist wouldn't let us get rid of our last bottle until the boys were 2.5. YOW! The rest of the world gave us a hairy eyeball, but we knew it's what needed to happen to ensure that the boys were being properly trained to cups and getting enough fluid at the same time.

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I recommend the Nuk sippys too -- they have what I would describe as being a big soft top, which makes for an easy transition from a bottle. Of course, my boys quickly learned to turn them upside down and press the top down to spray the liquid out, but my boys are stinkers like that!

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what worked to start out with for my 3 boys is.. nuk made some with handles on them and the top was soft. they could chew it or suck it and it would come out. instead of trying milk or formula in them, we tried it with water, then juice.... after they got the hang of it for a few months, like you, we found ones that were hard to suck milk out of, very messy ones, they drop and the lids come off.... playtex does good ones that don't drip out, but if they fall, they do spill a little.. go with what your boys like, have them pick them out..

Suzi - posted on 06/23/2010




We are in the same stage... our pedi recomended the hard ones, removing the valve mentioned by first person who responded until they get the hang of it. We only give them water in their sippy cups so right now, I give it to them after they eat solid foods and are still wearing the bibs. Our pedi recomended that after they get the hang of sucking from it (messy or not) and swallowing, to put the valve back in so it won't be messy. Good luck!

Devon - posted on 06/22/2010




have they had the valve blockers with them? it's these usually white things that you plug into the holes to stop liquid from pouring out. If not, look for those ones they are the best. or just keep trying until you find the right one that works best.

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