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Before my husband and I got together, he and his ex wife tried to have kids. She got pregnant with twins, but had a miscarriage 4 months into the pregnancy. I have a daughter from a previous relationship and we are ready to try to have children of our own. However, I am concerned about the possibility of twins. I'm not sure I'm ready to take on more than one at a time! Anyone know the chances of us having twins if he's already had them once before? Twins only run on his side of the family.


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The males history really has nothing to do with twins although he could pass a twin gene to his daughter. Fraternal twins= two eggs and no matter how sexy your man is he can't make you ovulate 2 eggs. Identical twins= one egg that splits, are considered a fluke of nature although there are a few studies that suggest some males may have a certain enzyme that increases the likelihood of one egg splitting. You really have no increased risk of twins unless you have fraternal twins in your family history.


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The man has nothing to do with whether or not you will have twins. Either you will release 2 eggs (fraternal twins), or an egg will split (identical twins). Your husband can influence whether or not his daughter will have twins, as the gene for hyperovulation can be passed down from his mother to him to his daughter.

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Well I have heard from my doctor they are studying a genetic link for idenentical twins. There is a tribe in Africa they are studying for its particularly high rate of monozygotic twining (identical twins). The hypotheses is that it may be an enzyme in the mans sperm that causes the egg to split. Now I can tell you from personal experience that my husband has identical twin sisters and we have had 2 sets of identical twins. So that would support the theory. If there is a history of identicals on your husbands side and the twins his ex wife was pregnant with we're also identicals then it is possible. Fraternals I believe are something genetically linked to the mother so it would have to be on your side

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My boys' father has no twins in his family. There are now 3 sets of identical twins on my fathers side of the family, my boys being the 3rd set. I have read, and have been told many different things. I think there is no concrete evidence to support how twins happen. The most supportive evidence is that women who hyper ovulate (fraternal twinning) is a hereditary trait.

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