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Joanna - posted on 06/14/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello everyone, my name is Joanna, I found out I was pregnant a week ago after having an ultrasound done yesterday I now know I am having twins. I was so shocked I kept thinking I dont know if I can take care of one let alone two. I know that this is a miracle and that I should be happy but I feel overwelmed. I am 21 years old and these would be my first babies. I live with my boyfriend and his mom and she is more pressuring us towards an abortion. My boyfriend wants the babies, I know its going to be hard. Alot of people think we wont be able to handle it and their words just make me nervous. I have become very negative I just need some support, I know having twins is a blessing that many may not have the opportunity to have. I want to have my babies but I feel with all the stress I wont be able to.


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Kim - posted on 06/19/2012




Hang in there chick! It is very hard! And doctors say all twin pregnancies are classified as "high risk" due to the fact that there are SO many more things that can go wrong. Having the babies will be a definite strain on your relationship with your boyfriend. Be sure you two plan ahead and discuss important things like who's going to work, stay home, when you're going to sleep, etc. You also need to talk about how you want them to be raised. Solve whatever differences you have no before arguments happen during the most stressful time, after the babies are born.

Just be prepared, be organized and be consistent. My twins were my first children, and even though I had them at 32, it didn't make the experience any easier. My boys' father and I are no longer together, so I'm mom and dad right now. You CAN do it! Just love those babies, they will try your patience and test you, but at the end of the day hug and kiss them as much as you can!

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It is a little overwhelming at first... but you will manage. Best advice is to keep them on the same schedule, for example when one wakes up to eat... feed them both and try to get them to sleep at the same time. Twins are so much fun and rewarding... mine just turned 2 and I couldn't imagine life without them. Good luck!

Joanna - posted on 06/15/2012




Thank you, yea I decided Im not going to do anything but keep them and love them. The doctor categorized my pregnancy as threatened so I am a little worried but I will keep thinking positively and take it day by day.

Jeorge - posted on 06/14/2012




I am not going to lie to you having twins is so hard. It's not that much harder than one but it's different. my first were twins so I didn't know how having one was. You have to learn to juggle feedings and changes and sleep.
Twins are an amazing blessing. Don't have an abortion for anyone. If you truly can't handle them than maybe think about adoption. It sounds like to me you love and want them and your boyfriend sounds like he will help with the babies.
Congratulations and good luck

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