Twins born @ 35 wks

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My doc and the perinatolist got together and decided that the babies will be born next Wednesday, which I will be 35wks. The peri said they will do better on the outside than on the inside. So the obgyn said he will deliver them next week.. How many people have delivered this early and they're babies were able to go home?? Twin A is 4lbs 1oz and twin B is 4lbs 5oz and he also said that they are in the 10 percentile. I'm just worried about they're well being as far as being born at 35 wks.


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Liz - posted on 04/17/2009




My twins were born six weeks early at 33 weeks six days. My daughter was born 3 pounds 12 ounces, and my son was born 4 pounds 10 ounces. My son was born with underdeveloped lungs, but after a long eight days after they were born he was able to come home. My daughter had weight gain problems and four days after her brother came home she was also able to join us. they did also have a bit of jaundice.

Now at nearly 10 and a half months my daughter is almost 19 pounds and my son is almost 20 pounds. The only long term issues so far of their prematurity is the fact my daughter has to have glasses to correct her eyes, and my son gets hit harder when they get sick. he may have asthma when they get older, but we'll get that checked out at a later time. My son was discharged at a weight of four pounds 8 ounces and my daughter was discharged at a weight of four pounds 1 ounce. Because of that she had to have special formula for a few days, but both are doing well now.

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I went into labor at 19 weeks, they placed a cerclage, put me on medication to stop some of the contractions, and put me on hospital bed rest. My water broke at 33 weeks and 4 days. The baby whose sack broke was totally fine, 4lbs 5oz, the other one needed oxygen assistance for a couple of days and feeding tube assistance for a week and a half, 4lb 4oz. Both babies were able to go home after 2 weeks. Did they say why they wanted to deliver them early?

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Mine were born at 34 weeks.  Each weighed 4lbs.  Both had to have feeding tubes, but that was it.  No oxygen.  No jaundice.  No other complications.  They spent 2 weeks learning to feed and then were released.  Your babies will be just fine!  My docs decided too, that the best thing for my babies, since they were growth restricted, was to get them out so they could get more nutrients outside of the womb.  Sounds like yours are in the same boat.  No worries...good luck and get ready for the ride  :)

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Mine were born at the end of 35 weeks. Twin A was 5lbs 13 oz and her only complication was jaundice. She was in the NICU for 6 days. Twin B was 5lbs 4oz. She had serious reflux due to an underdeveloped sphincter (sp?)...she would drop her heart rate (had a few episodes) and was sent home on an apnea monitor on my insistance. She never had any episodes at home. I think this would have happened even if she made it to 37 weeks. She was in the NICU for 10 days. They are now 10 mos old and happy and healthy as can be! They are little people...Twin A is in the 10th percentile and Twin B is below the curve is is there genes husband is from a family of little people MIL, SIL, and FIL are lucky if they are 5 ft. They are growing fine and meeting all of their milestones on time if not early...they are just little.

If your doctors recommend having them is the thing to do then it is....Good luck to you and enjoy those early days when they sleep all the doesn't last!

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My twins were born at 37 and a half weeks.  My doctor told me that it was long enough time.  he didn't want me to go earlier! The longer in my belly the healthier the would be when they came out.  So we had a scheduled c-section b/c the didn't want to come out, ( i guess they got used to being inside)  My babies did so good that they didn't even have to be checked out in the nicu.  My daughter was 5lbs 5oz, and my son was 6lbs 6oz, and they went home on time. 

Leah - posted on 04/15/2009




My boys were born at 34wks. They were born at 2.0kg and 2.06kg. I don't know what it converts to in pounds but i think it's around the same weight as your babies They were fine. No oxygen or assistence with breathing. They spent 2 weeks in hospital and were tube fed for almost a week. They did get a bit of jaundice but otherwise no complications.

Once their paediatrician was happy with their feeding and weight they were allowed to come home.

Hospital staff are great. they know what they are doing and are really supportive and helpful.

Your babies will be fine!


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