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Does anyone have any experience moving young twins (18 months) out of their crib and keeping them in the same room? My twin boys are just starting to climb out of their cribs and I'm a little worried about one of them falling and getting hurt; however, I think they will be all over the room and each other if we move them to big kid beds. Any suggestions?


Ashanta - posted on 08/17/2009




At exactly18 months old, one of my girls decided that she no longer needed the constraints of a crib and consequently jumped in the middle of the night – it was frightening! I tried to convince her that she needed to stay in her crib; however, for two nights in a row I was awoken by the sound of a “THUD” then a “pitter patter” and a “hi mommy.” By the third day, her sister caught on and jumped during “naptime” – that evening we converted the cribs into toddler beds. We used the “Super Nanny Technique”. Read a story, a few cuddles and clearly explained that it was bedtime. I remember telling them that now that they are “big girls” they sleep in “big girl beds all night long.” I explained that I would stay in their room with them until they fell asleep, but there was no talking allowed once the light were out. The first night I think I put them back into their beds about 15-20 times (without talking). It took a good hour… a very LONG hour. It took everything I had to remain calm, cool and collected…but it paid off the second night. The second night I think I put them back into their beds 5-10 times. By the end of the week I wasn’t staying in their room at all. Book, cuddle, kisses, lights out and goodnight! Looking back it was a difficult week, but well worth it! Good luck!

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