What Grinds Ur Gear? I'll tell u mines.

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It's When My relatives or friends or strangers. See me and my 20 month old son and my twin boys(10mon). And Say to me." So are u having more kids?" or another one "Girl u need to stop having all these kids. N u better get on birthcontrol!"1st dats not ur concern. u not the one having to take care of them. Uhhh hello . U knw what i mean . C'mon people.U aint got the right to tell people when to stop Having kids. they don't knw what happened or what is ur situation. I tell u some people got some nerves.


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Molly - posted on 10/30/2010




yeeeeeeeeeah,belive u all,iam blessed with 9 month boy twin&2 and half years older girl,although they made mr tired and busy all the day long that i hardly now look n mirror or brush my hair each 5 minutes but its ok 4 me&i liked having them&they r the happeness and hope of my day,i even feel proud of them,,whats really make me angry is when i took them out n thier stroller 2 club or street&pepole I DONT EVEN KNOW stop me 2 look at them saying ooooooowh poor u sweet kid 4 having alllllll this kids with all this noise and this too littele age between them so poor them all because u wont let them all enjoy thier childhood rights of love and care,AS IF I DONT DO MY BEST 2 LET THEM B BETTER AN ME,I EVEVN GAVE UP MY WORK AS A DENTIST 2 WATCH THEM GROW STEP BY STEP&HELP THEM&SMILE 2 THEM,I EVEN BUY THEM EXPENSIVE TOYS&FOODS&CLOTHES I DONT GET 2 MY SELF,SO WHAT A HELL DO THIS PEPOLE KNOW ABOUT ME 2 TALK 2 ME THAT WAY....UUUUUUUUF,IF ONLY THEY LET US LIVE&GET THEM SELFS OUT WE WILL B MUCH HAPPIER.

Amanda - posted on 10/30/2010




I know how you all feel too i have a 5 year old boy and 20 month old identical twin girls what bugs me is when people say are they twins? and when you say they are its like are they a boy and a girl like come on people they are dress alike in all pink sometimes one is pink and the other is purple but the exact same outfit who dresses there boy in pink and the same as his sister come on

Heather - posted on 10/30/2010




For me it's the opposite, I get strangers saying to me my identical twin daughters need a little brother and I hate that, they don't know me or my family but feel it's ok to tell me to have more children.

Danielle - posted on 10/29/2010




i get that ALLLL the time! I was at the grocery store, and because people were stopping me to look or talk to my g/g twins it made me late. My girls were hungry and tired. I had 2 isles left when an old man came up to me and said "arent they loud and annoying?" omg...before I could stop my self, i said "well arent you ugly!" and kept walking and shopping. I hate tude people!

Jodi - posted on 10/28/2010




I havn't had my twins yet...they're due in February...but here's what grinds my gears! I am huge, I easily look full term although I just turned 5 months pregnant! When people find this out (or people who have heard from friends etc etc I live in a small town) it's like my weight gain becomes a public invite to criticize! BTW, I'm actually on a special diet because I HAVN'T gained any weight yet! But, people assume that I'm gorging myself out and I better watch out because I won't be able to take it all off and that it's bad for the babies to gain too much etc etc etc! Ummm...hello! Who are you, why do you care and what's your doctor have to say about your clogged arteries fat a**? (Sorry, it's mostly fat people that bring up weight issues with me!) I'm sure there will be more beefs once they come...but for now, I'm just avoiding the public in general!

Khadijah - posted on 10/28/2010




I am a Mom of twin girls and what grinds my gears is when people see me in the store and say "Wow, Double trouble. Better you than me!" Really! You are absolutely right...It is better me than you!! Children are a beautiful blessing and I say as long as you can provide for them...the more the merrier!!

Tiffanie - posted on 10/27/2010




i agree with you Celeste. I hate when everyone say "oh i know exactly how you feel." really? makes me want to slap them!
Melissa, i know exactly what you mean! i have a five year old and 9 month old twins boys and i am 20 years old. everyone is always on top of me, omg i can't believe you were so young when you had him and your parents must really be ashamed, or you need birth control before you pop out two more! it is really annoying!! i actually have cussed someone in walmart for saying stuff like that!

Celeste - posted on 10/27/2010




That's really annoying! I'm not sure why people think your reproductive life is their business.

What grinds my gears are parents of singletons telling me that they know what it's like. Umm..No. You don't.

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