What to exepect?

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I'm only experienced with newborn baby boys. Just found out I'm having two girls, I have only one set of stuff ready for my girls. My mom is going tomorrow to get some new stuff since I found out about my second girl. Now, what am I suppose to expect with twins???


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Expect to be out of energy by the time you hit the pillow at night (if you can.) While they're newborn infants, they eat every two hours, poop every twenty minutes (mine did) and sleep a lot. Mine did everything together, but I have spoken with some other mothers of twins who said theirs took turns so you really never know until they get here. As they get older, they will develop their own little language and will talk to each other. I find this so adorable. Expect to have lots of fun watching them grow. Please know that they will team up sometimes to explore mischief together once they get to crawling really good. Don't get upset with yourself if you fail to stay three steps ahead of them once they're walking because they have four feet to your two. The fun part is when you're in the grocery store and they run away from you in opposite directions. Note: I always find a parking space near the cart return and take them from the car to the cart so that I don't have to play chase in the supermarket. lol. Congratulations!

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