when did u move ur twins into different cots and rooms?

Jessica - posted on 03/28/2010 ( 14 moms have responded )




My bg twins are 6 months old now and since they were 6 weeks old i have had them sleeping in different rooms. this is because my daughter started sleeping thru and my son was still waking up all the time. it made it easier to just wake up to one baby. now my son is still not a great sleeper wakes at least once a night and i feel like they should be sleeping together but i dont want him to wake her up. my partner thinks im being silly and doesnt seem to think its a big deal but i really wanted them together. So i was just wondering how long you kept your twins together in the same cot and room or did u split them up straight away?


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Anieka - posted on 04/04/2010




anak kembarku sekarang berusia 3 tahun,tapi mereka masih bergabung di kamar saya...

CHERYL - posted on 04/02/2010




hi i too had b/g twins they were small born 3.5lb so night feeds went on for 4mths so they slept in the same cot. then they slept thru the night till there were 6m then my son started to wake up to play 2-3 times and waking up my girl so i put them in seperate rooms. its easier to sort out one baby than two. the best thing i ever done. i feed them 2gether bath them 2gether so im not worried im sure they no they are bro/sis

Claudia - posted on 04/01/2010




I kept them in the same crib until they were almost 1. They each had their own crib but they would only sleep through the night if they cuddled together. After realizing that, I didn't have the heart to split them apart!

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For the first 6 weeks our twin boys slept together in a playpen in our bedroom. It was just easier for us to care for them in our room at the beginning. Then they were sleeping in the same crib in their bedroom till about 8 weeks old. By then they were already rolling around so I didn't want them to roll on each other so we started putting them in their own crib. They are now 14 months and because they have always shared a bedroom even when one wakes up, it doesn't usually wake the other up. Because they are both boys, we plan on keeping them in the same room till much older.

Eadaoin - posted on 04/01/2010




my twins boy girl are 6yrs and have there own room but more often than not they still sleep together my boy loves the company and feeling of havin some one beside him . i dont mind there still small and aslong as they get a good night sleep and are happy thats all that matter to me.

Donna - posted on 04/01/2010




my identical twin girls are now 15yrs old and still share a room. they share their clothes and shoes and everything really! when they were born they shared a big cot for a few weeks but soon slept in seperate cots next to each other. then they progressed to 3/4 beds in the same room. now they have bunk beds and love sharing (most of the time...but thats a teen thing and when they row they really row!!!). they have an 18yr old brother and a 2 yr old brother who have their own rooms, but the girls have no interest in being seperated yet. they have joint and seperate friends and do things independently and together, but i think they find comfort in that special twin bond.as long as they are happy that fine with us.

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I have identical twin girls. They are twn now. They have slept together since they were a few days old. One of my girls started loosing weight and was getting sick in the hospital, so one of the nurses suggested we put them in the same incubator. It was amazing the difference over night. My girls have their own beds, they have their own rooms. But they choose to sleep in the same room, the same bed. Don't know when they will choose to be on their own, but whatever works for the time. Don't stress yourself out over it. If you wanna try it, try it. If it doesn't work, try something else.

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My B/G twins were in there own cribs in the same room from birth and then around 16 weeks they went into their own rooms. They were both sleeping through the night but they were waking each other through all their naps. I don't know about your but mine didn't ever notice being separated. i figure you will have to do it at some point so why not do it while they are too young to notice. It was a little hard on me at first but not them.

Jocelyn - posted on 03/31/2010




My boys will be 1 in a week. We've kept them in separate cribs since the day they came home. They don't really wake each other up unless one is having a rough night. I started putting them in separate rooms for naps when they were about 7 months old. Once Luke figured out how to stand up he refused to go to sleep so I put him in a pack and play in my bedroom. They each take their time falling asleep but are usually asleep within 15 minutes of each other. At bedtime after they've had their bottles we just put them in their cribs and they go to sleep on their own. It takes about 15-20 minutes but most of the time they're "talking" to each other or playing with the few toys they have.

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My twins sleept in the same crib and room forever, we got 2 cribs when they couldnt fit anymore together but they are 2 and still in the same room together just now in toddler beds.

Pip - posted on 03/29/2010




My twins shared till they were 8 mths, then went into their own cots, next to each other, due to lack of space. They are 21 mths now and share with their 3 yr old brother. None of them are particularly good sleepers but they sleep through each others night time antics. Go figure???

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Well somewhere around 4 or 5. But Really all that consisted of was taking all the girl stuff out & putting it in her new room & putting her clothes in the closet in there & moving her dressers, and fixing it all up. Then making Alex's room all his, all boy. Decorating & rearranging. Because they Never Wanted to be Apart! And they still went right on sharing Alex's room because thats how it had been. We just used Abby's room to keep her clothes basically, because she pretty much ended bringing all her toys & blankets back into Alex's room! Their room! :) Sure they thought it was cool to each have their own room, but they still played together, ate together, watched tv together, fought together, AND ALWAYS HAD TO Sleep together. EVEN to this day they usually end up in each others rooms at night! - Of coarse as they got older they wanted their own space & Privacy & enjoyed having their own rooms, but they always wanted to be together. They have Always REALLY relied & Depended on each other. No matter how much they fight, & it's a lot, they still have a bond with each other & still like to have the security of each other. They are 11 now, 12 in AUG. & they each USE their own rooms now of coarse, but like I said they usually end up in each others room to sleep. There one of them will be Pillow & Blanket asleep on the floor, or even on the bed, right next to the other one!! ~I guess you just have to listen to what they want & how they feel. & go with the flow. AND I guess you get to decide when you want to decorate another room! :) :) {the hardest thing 4 me wasn't the room thing, it was having to decide when to no longer have them in the same class in school, that just killed me!}

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We split them up when they couldn't comfortably sleep in one crib together. but we kept the cribs side-by-side. They chose to sleep in their toddler beds together and now sleep in their twin sized bed together. We got them a bunk bed, but they like being together. :)

hehe... the toddler even sleeps with them in the same bed too. it's really cramped. They do all have their own beds(in one room though), but chose to sleep together.

eta: all three of my children are girls.

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