Where do you start w/potty training boy/girl twins?


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KRIS - posted on 05/13/2009




My twin boy was trained before his 2nd birthday and my daughter was closer to 3. They have an older brother that is 2 years older and my little boy watched and learned quick. My daughter thought she could stand and pee as well but that didn't work out so well for her. She was more stubborn and didn't really want anything to do with it until she was ready. We just kept encouraging her to go quite often and eventually she did it on her own. We bought cool underwear and they wanted to wear them so they would go on the potty to get new underwear. They did have accidents but that comes with learning, put plastic bed covers on their beds that makes for an easier clean up and they don't mess up the mattresses. good luck

Kristina - posted on 05/12/2009




I trained my boy/girl twins at different times. My daughter showed signs first, so I started training her and she instantly took to it, then my son decided a few months after my daughter that he wanted to be a big kid like his sister and I was finished! :-)

Leanna - posted on 05/12/2009




i've heard that boys are easier to potty train then girls are, but i think my girl will be easier. my 3 1/2 yr old just recently got potty trained. i tried a few times putting pullups on her and panties but it didn't work. one morning she woke up and started using the "good girl potty" and hasn't wore a diaper since. a lot of people tried telling me i needed to make her use the potty but i knew she would let me know when she was ready. i think my 21 month old girl is getting ready cause she usually knows when she has peed but i don't want to push her too soon. her brother on the other hand..... my pediatrician also told me that if they have had constapation problems then they are usually harder to potty train.

Steph - posted on 05/11/2009




You are not doing anything wrong! I have twin girls that are the same age. The oldest twin is being trained now. I found it useful to use a timer. I am a home mom, so I have the extra time. I set the timer for every 15-30 minutes, so when it goes off...it not only reminds me, but got my daughters attention. Every time it goes off, she says...Potty Time! She gets excited to go. Plus everytime I take her and she goes in the potty, I give her a sticker, if she pees and 2 stickers if she poos (excuse my words there, but it's words that kids understand!)! I just have a piece of colored paper on the wall beside the potty...not really a chart! But she's excited! I also have her in pull-ups as well. Some times I try the big girl undies...but at least she's understanding when she goes in them!! Don't be stressed out about your child not being trained yet....it takes time! I also have a little seat that goes right on the toilet and I have a step stool for her to use to help get her up!

My other twin goes and is interested in it once in a while, but I figured with twins..it may be better this way because the youngest is learning from the oldest!!

Good luck and hope something I said gives you an idea!

Take care!

Holly - posted on 05/11/2009




I started by putting their little pottys in the living room, and if they wanted to watch TV they had to sit on their pottys. When they would go in their pottys
I gave them stickers to put on their pee pee chart, but also chuck e cheese money. My daughter took to using a little potty, but my son went straight to using the big potty, he didn't like the little ones. They were potty trained by 2 1/2.

Faye - posted on 05/11/2009




I just let mine tell me when they were readly, mine were 3 and my little boy was clean before my little girl. just had the pottys liying around all time. and run aound in doors with no nappies on. I did feel like a brocken record saying 'do you need a weee'

Jamie - posted on 05/11/2009




How old are they and are they giving you any signs? Once you have the signs I suggest getting a potty training dvd like Elmo's Potty Time for them to watch. Our twins watched this with their sister every night before bedtime. Once they got the hang of it I put the potty chairs in the living room while they watched it and let them sit on them. This got them comfortable with them. After awhile we moved them to the bathroom with stickers as a reward. They were potty trained within 6 months, they were 3yrs old. When our daughter turned 3 she was potty trained within 1 month. It will all depend on your children.

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