Type 2 Diabetic Moms with kids

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I was wondering how many moms were diabetic before they got pregnant? I am trying for baby no. 2 and i feel that i need a lot of support.


Type 2 diabetes

Hello im a proud mother of a precious 1 year old. i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes two months ago, nd was hospitalized for 5 days 2 weeks ago. One of my concern is; I JUST...


Type II diabetics

I have seen with my own eyes people that were type II diabetics come off insulin with the Qivana Qore system. This is a brand new company with unbelievable natural patented...


Hi I am new here.

Hi I am new to this group and was wanting to find a group where I could talk, vent, brag and whine about what is going on with life and family. Hope to meet some other moms who...