Unconditional Parenting

This community is for parents who practice, or are interested in learning about the techniques taught in Alfie Kohn's book, Unconditional Parenting. One basic need all children have, Kohn argues, is to be loved unconditionally, to know that they will be accepted even if they screw up or fall short. Yet conventional approaches to parenting such as punishments (including "time-outs"), rewards (including positive reinforcement), and other forms of control teach children that they are loved only when they please us or impress us. Kohn cites a body of powerful, and largely unknown, research detailing the damage caused by leading children to believe they must earn our approval. That's precisely the message children derive from common discipline techniques, even though it's not the message most parents intend to send.



I would like to chat with other like minded moms on this subject so we can trade idea's and eechange storys and be friends