Unusual Baby Names

I am having twins, I do not know the sex as am not far enough along yet, they were our little surprises, we have 2 boys (Zacaii Thomas aged 4 and Corben Jesse aged 15 months) and a girl (Kiarcia Reyne aged 2 and a half), we were planning our second girl to bring it to 2 of each and these were our little surprises and as you can see we like our different names, names we know there will not be 4 or 5 of in their school classes, We have collected a few names but are having a bit of trouble finding unusual names does anyone have any different names they would like to share ??


Unusual Names for kids...thoughts?

I have four children, all boys! Ages 6, 4, 2 and 3 months. My husband and I chose a double middle name for each of our children and tried to make each name unique. We wanted...