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Hello ladies ! My name is Carolee . Can you please share why some of you moms decided to wait or not at all vaccinate at all ? Thanks for sharing :D I have started to groups God uncensored under religion and Shine under lifestyle in groups . Come over and check them out .


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I did my own research and went and listened to a wonderful speaker April Renee. Her website is WWW.VACINFO.ORG. After reviewing and educating myself my husband and I have decided not to immunize.

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After lengthy research, my husband and I have decided against immunizations for many reasons. A good book to read is “How to Raise A Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor” Written by a Americas leading Pediatricians. To name a few reasons against immunizations; The majority of the vaccinations have caused the dieses themselves, decline in diseases started prior to mass inoculation, the side effects from the vaccination are terrifying and sometimes worse than the dieses it prevents, if signs are showing of the questionable dieses care can be provided, they are not proven to last, and the vaccines are filed with toxic chemicals and preservatives. The majority of the dieses has naturally run their course and was a result in filthy and bad living conditions. The majority of the cases found today of infected children were a result from having the vaccination. Why inject a healthy child with toxins. My husband and I will not be giving any vaccinations to our daughter and will use chiropractics and organic healthy food to keep her healthy.


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Camilla - posted on 02/20/2010




Hello Carolee,
Initially, our parents thought we were nuts for not vaccinating. Afterall, my partner and I were vaccinated and we turned out fine. Then we dug out our records and found that we have each had fewer shots in our lifetimes than they want to give our kid by 3 months. Our grandparents' attitudes changed when they were brought up to date on the state of modern medicine.
Please do your research, if you would like any further info. please have a look at: www.avn.org.au/
Camilla :)

Adrienne - posted on 10/28/2009




I had a friend who's baby was vaccinated at birth and on time for all their vaccinations. That poor baby always had an ear infection. Finally someone told her it was because her baby was getting a fever every time they got an immunization and that the fevers were causing the ear infections. She decided to skip one immunization and what do you know, her baby didn't get his 'scheduled' ear infection that month! 2 years later she found out her baby had autism. He had, had a fever for so much of his life that it had caused perminate damage. When I had my daughter (who was born at home) I decided to not have her immunized. After reading ever book on the subject and all the blogs/articals I could find my husband and I agreed that if we are interested in immunizing when she is 3 years old, we will do it then. As it no longer tends to cause fevers and other side effects that can be long lasting or as detrimental.

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