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Circle of Moms is the largest and fastest-growing online community for moms, connecting over 6 million moms worldwide to share advice and support essential to the journey of motherhood. More than 13% of moms in the US are members, and we attract 100,000 new moms every week.

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Our moms are actively engaged with the site. They post over 5000 questions and replies daily and nearly 2 million visit us monthly. Moms use their trusted friendship circles and thousands of vibrant communities to connect with moms they already know and moms with common interests they meet here. Moms ask questions and get useful recommendations, discuss their latest topic of interest with other moms who share their passions, and find empathy and encouragement in a safe environment.

Circle of Moms also enables moms to record special moments in their children's lives and share them with friends and family. 7% of children born in 2008 in the US have a profile at Circle of Moms. We believe that by helping moms help each other, we foster camaraderie, encourage learning and make motherhood an even more fun and rewarding experience.