Finally the media cottons on!

Susan - posted on 10/31/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I live in Sydney Australia and I noticed one day while I was watching a bit of tv. That an advertisement appeared for our local Sydney newspaper called "The Sydney Morning Herald" and in the advert there was an image of someone walking down the street with a clearly visible newspaper under there arm and the front page article that appeared on the newspaper was titled "Vaccine Effects Worse Than Flu" it jumped out at me and got my attention so I decided to do a google search on that article and found several news paper articles talking about the side effects of the vaccine being worse than the actual disease.
The aticle is of specific interest even though its focus is on the flu shot for children, however if you go down the 9th paragraph there is a comment from an infectious disease expert that states that the Vaccine Programme in children under 5 did more harm than good!!

It also suggests that there should be a call for independant research into this.

My little boy is now 6 months of age has never been ill, never had a fever, even when my partner and I both got sick with a cough and flu symptoms my baby did not get sick, I think people just assume that children get sick that is part of being a baby, I think that we have all been duped to thinking this and the reason most healthy babies get ear aches, fevers and the like is due to the cost to their immune systems from the childhood vaccination schedule.

I really hope that this is a sign that the truth is finally starting to come out!

Read it for yourself here is a link


Jonna - posted on 10/31/2010




Love your post! I totally agree, my children are rarely sick. And when we all got the swine flu last year, the kids only had a stuffy nose for a little over 24 hours! I recently read an article stating that vaccines have had little to do with the decline in disease and that most diseases have seen a decline due to clean drinking water, healthier living conditions and improved diet.

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