anyone with an intersex baby??

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My first post on here has gone un-commented. So I don't suppose I'll get any feedback on this either...but I suppose just writing my concerns could help even if no one reads them...

The doctors have been unable to determine the sex of our baby. It was an interesting sono... well that looks like it could be a scrotum...but that looks like enlarged female parts... couldn't determine if there was a little "man stick" there or not.

As soon as I found out that I did in fact have a twin first thought after emotions will that effect THIS baby?? The docs said there was no way of knowing till after the birth.

Now with not being able to clearly state the sex of the baby I'm wondering if maybe it could be intersex. Just wanted to see if anyone else had this concern or if maybe someone has an intersex child and if they know what the reasoning behind it was.

I will love this child without question and without fail(as will my hubby & family)..I just like covering my bases and knowing what I can before I get hit with something.


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Scotti - posted on 01/12/2013




I found your question by a related google search, but I wanted to chime in here. I was born under the exact same circumstances. (Of course no two pregnancies are exactly alike.) Biologically I turned out mostly male (the only noticeable exception is female shaped hips and bone structure.) I had a few surgeries to make things more male, but latter in life it turns out that my brain is female and my testosterone is well below average. I'm OK with that and I am happily married to a woman that knows and understands it. I was loved and cared for very well as a child and had very little health problems. (BTW, I'm now 42 and 6'7")

Growing up I knew I was always different (relating to girls more than boys), and my parents never told me what had happened. (And still do not want to talk about it.) But I did some medical research and got a hold of my childhood medical records. I did have a scare with breast cancer 8 years ago and happy to say cancer free now, but when the doctor said I had mammary glands of a woman, just not developed. He said that I was possibly intersex, that was when the search began.

I'm very happen in life and have an above average IQ. I just wished my mother had been more open about the subject as she was more concerned with what the neighborhood would think more than dealing with the truth. It still is a rift between us as she stays in denial, but now my father is a little more open about it. (They are divorced now.) My advice is not to just worry about the medical physical issues, but also the mental. As you can imagine, growing up, school gym was always very awkward for me.

Alisia - posted on 08/31/2012




I know this post is old, but I just joined the group and was wondering how everything turned out for you?

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