vbac induction

Ok I really want to try for a vbac, my first child was born by c section at 35weeks bc his growth started to drop, I was suppose to be induced but before anything was started he was showing signs of stress so my Dr did a c section. Now with this current pregnancy I am 38weeks 3days I go twice a week for NST bc he feels my placenta is not full functioning and baby is estimated to be very small he don't want me to go past 39 weeks bc of my placenta but as of right now my cervix and closed and still high we did try a membrane sweeping this week but couldn't bc the cervix was to high. I really want a vbac so my Dr scheduled me to in the hospital on Sunday 2/12/12 to get a Foley bulb to try and start labor, does anyone have advice on this type of induction for a vbac


Keep talking with ur doctor :)

Hi! I probably won't be very helpful with this, but I understand your stress. I delivered my son at 28 weeks by c-section, he was breeched and was starting to come down so they...

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