trying to find a doctor and hospital that will do VBAC....

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How frustrating!!! I just found out last week that I am pregnant with my second child. I had the most horrific labor experience the first time around with a bad anesthesiologist and c-section and I absolutely refuse to go thru it (c-sec) a second time! I have called so many doctors to see if any will do a VBAC and just keep hearing no. I even thought maybe I could get a midwife instead but it is not covered by my insurance. I have read the stats on VBAC's and the success rates are great and I don't understand why it is so hard to find a Doctor and Hospital that will do this. I need help! I know I will have to keep searching until I find one who will do it, I'm just worried it will end up being too far away from my home. I heard it would be hard to find but now I realize it is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I live in Santa Clarita area and am close to the San Fernando Valley in CA. Anyone have any advice for me or any help on what to do???


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I have to drive over an hour in order to get to a doctor/hospital midwife that will allow me to VBAC. The soonest they could get me in is when I'm 16 weeks for an interview appointment. I'm not looking forward to driving that distance, but I will NOT consent to a repeat csection unless my or baby's life is in danger.

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Hi, I'm going research on VBACs as well. I had a c-section last June, and am looking for a DR in SCV that will do a VBAC before I get pregnant again. Did you have any luck ? Thanks !!!

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Have you considered a homebirth? A lot of homebirth midwives will work out a payment plan to help you afford the birth. You might find that, depending on your insurance, that a homebirth might just be cheaper than a repeat c-section.

If you need help finding VBAC friend resources in your area you should try to locate your local ICAN chapter.

A couple other site I really like are...

If all else fails just stay at home and show up at the hospital pushing. Once you are they REFUSE to sign consent forms for the c-section. I promise they won't let that baby fall on the floor because they refuse to catch. ;-)

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Oh Brenna!!! I had to reply b/c I too had a terrible time the first time round -natural labor right to pushing when the doc. yelled "STOP - that's not a head!" - they missed that he was breech, straight to emergency cesarean/unconscious :( :( :( AND also just found out I'm pregnant again...I totally intend to VBAC as well and suspect I'll have to travel about an hour to Boston - but am not sure where I'll be yet either. It sounds like your determined and have done your research re: statistics. I hope I don't have a harder time b/c I have a double incision,"T" cut - the internet is great for stories though, and I've read so many successful ones - it has been almost 5 years since I had my son and I also know I have "double layer sutures" which are both 'maybe' pluses according to research :) It sounds like you will - but KEEP SEARCHING!!!! I wish I had info. for your area - but I can't IMAGINE there's no one - there MUST be - I'm sending you SO MANY good vibes!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!! May we both end up with better maybe even healing births this time! ♥ :)

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I can't believe it is so hard to find a hosp that will let u try VBAC especially if u have only had 1 caesarean so far. It should be a successful VBAC if there r no medical reasons that prevent u from a natural birth. In Australia the hospital I went to allows VBAC. I had the highest doctor looking after me with my pregnancies who specialised in high risk pregnancies. After my emergency sect with my second I requested to try VBAC but unfortunately i had many medical complications that stood in the way of a successful VBAC. My 3rd was another emrgency csect n it was very traumatic for me. But I've come to accept that I couldn't control what happened, n am making peace with it. I wish u all the luck n hope u find a doc who will let u try VBAC I know many women who have had successful VBAC. I never heard of hospitals n docs not letting women have VBAC esp after only I section, I've heard after 2 but not 1. I know sections r real hard to go thru n the recovery is long. Good luck with it.

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