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This is a site for moms who are vegetarians. Anyone is welcome here, however, please remember that we are all adults and please be respectful of each other. Any questions, suggestions are welcome!


Recipe Ideas Please!!!

My 18 mth old son doesn't really care for meat so I'm looking for some easy recipes for him that are veggi based. If you guy's can help me I would appreciate it...thank you!

Started by Shunta on 12/07/2013 in Vegetarian Mommies

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Introducing Vegetarian Proteins

Does anyone know which veg proteins it is best to first introduce into my sons diet? We make his food and I was maybe going to add 1 part organic beans with 2 parts veggie as a...


How do I get my family members to back down?

Okay. Time to blow my own horn: I know what I'm doing. I'm studied up, taken my son to be checked out by a doctor multiple times to make sure he's getting everything he needs to...


Raising your kiddos vegetarian?

I plan on raising my son vegetarian. My husband said that it is entirely up to me, and I feel since I respect all living creatures, my son should do the same. What are your...

Started by Ashley on 04/13/2011 in Vegetarian Mommies

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Vegetarian and Breastfeeding

I have been a vegan for almost three years now... the thing is that since yesterday I've been feeling sick everytime i breastfeed my almost 6 months daughter,,,, I feel dizzy...

Started by Sarai on 05/13/2011 in Vegetarian Mommies

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I'm new to this community and very interested in learning about vegetarian eating. I have a desire to improve my eating habits and I believe that increasing my knowledge of the...

Started by Karen on 07/25/2010 in Vegetarian Mommies

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