I can always tell when he want to

Rebecca - posted on 08/16/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




This drive me nuts!! My husband works night shift and then leeps in most of the day. Well on some weekends all of a sudden my husband gets all lovey dovey and kissy but by the end of the night he is all over me and won't leave me alone where he is a little too touchy grabby. then I finally get the question of him telling me how much he wants "it". It drives me cray because we dont ever really hold hands or even cuddle any more then all of a sudden he thinks I can just turn it on for when ever he wants it. Honestly I could go forever with out it because I am so busy with out 3 kids and everything else that at night all I want to do is SLEEP and the weekend is my chance to do that.....I can't "do it" if I am not in the mood. But also I feel that I am just expected to do the stuff I d around here. My husband use to be so romatic but then life hit us and things have slowly changed except for my husband's sex drive. Is there anything that you guys suggest for me to do with either my slow mojo or my husband's mojo. lol.


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Raina - posted on 10/24/2011




Rebbeca I feel like I just read my own post!!! I am dealing with the same thing with my husband. The way I look at it is if you dont want to put in the time and do the work for it then I am not putting out. I also have 3 kids, who I chase after ALL day and by the time they are fed, bathed, and put to bed, I am ready for bed. BUT a little romance would go a long way!

Katrina - posted on 08/17/2011




I feel the same way. Even before we got married my sex drive was not what it used to be for some reason. And then when I got pregnant it just went downhill from there. We havent had sex in 2 years. I think I had PPD after I gave birth plus he wasnt helping me like he should have and I was trying to recover from a c-section. So I had to take on this extra responsibility. Needless to say I was not in the mood at all, especially when my needs werent getting met. Women are emotional creatures and we need romance and cooperation with household chores and kids before we can feel good and not tired and grumpy. But of course men dont understand that most of the time. All they understand is we arent giving them what they want. My husband says that's why he doesnt do what he is supposed to do like help around the house and helping take care of the baby. Sooooo I told him to get out because a real man wouldnt let sex control him. We've been separated since last year and he still has not done what he is supposed to do but I am not as angry and I dont have to worry about picking up after another grown person.

Jane - posted on 08/16/2011




Quite frankly, I think you need to fin a time when both of you are calm and the kids are elsewhere and have a talk. Do not accuse or say anything that starts with "you make me..." Instead, start by reminiscing about some of your favorite romantic times and tell him how much you miss those times. Tell him how they made you feel and how romance helps you get into the mood. Then see if you together can figure out the best way to have romance and sex, too. You might have to go so far as to figure out how to get someone to watch the kids while the two of you go off to a motel for room service and cuddling, followed by "it."

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