I dont think my husband is attracted to me anymore...

Antoinette - posted on 06/07/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Since I have had my children the way my husband looks at me isn't the same...He doesnt touch me or hold me anymore...It can be very disappointing at times...I'm still attracted to him even if he is lazy as heck but he hasnt changed much physically like I have...I'm nursing our 6 month old and that requires that I get in enough calories so that I can continue to produce milk for my baby and I dont have the time to workout like I use too because of my schedule and having a baby I need to come home to as well as take care of home...plus I have to be very careful with exercising too much because toxins can get into my breast milk...I don't like the way I look neither so I can imagine how he feels...I hate the mirror and try to avoid it at all costs...I would like to be able to go walking but my schedule doesnt allow me to do so...I'm working on getting my hours changed but until then I am still fat...I don't know what to do...


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Tammy - posted on 06/18/2009




Hi Antoinette;
I think that you need to just have some you time..That means no baby, no hubby ,no kids, just you...
even if it is just an hour alone..
have a bubble bath, turn the music up abit and relax...
it is hard to be a wife let alone a mother..
screw him...not litterally...lol..lol..
you need to feel good about yourself...
he is the one with the problem..just let him be..do not bug him, he will come around, men are funny that way...i no, i have been there my self...i hope this helps...at least you no, there are others who feel the same way...hope you have a great weekend...

Leaha - posted on 06/08/2009




Hi Antoinette. I felt the same way for quite some time. But you have to realize that your husband loves you no matter what you look like. I found this to be true... You're self confidence is what makes you sexy to your husband. Being a couple is more than just a sexual realtionship, right? You and your husband I'm sure have a very soulfull relationship, I can tell that jus by your sentence "I'm still attracted to him even if he's lazy as heck", lol. Being a mother and wife is very overwhelming, and most men don't realize what all we as working mother's do. One thing that has helped my own marriage has been setting specific set chores for each of us. If my husband expects me to work full time and then come home, cook, clean, do laundry and take care of our 3 children and the dog, that he is responsible for changing and taking out the trash and doing the dishes. Those are his only responsabilities. (Men have it so easy) Since we made this "pack" things have gotten so much better. I don't have as much stress, and I don't feel like I have to "do it all". And I'm sure my husband feels better because he's helping out and I tell him thank you every day and how much I appreciate the help. Men can be like babies, they need the possitive re-enforcement. Having your husband take over a few small chores, might help give you a little extra time to do some things for you. After the kids go to bed, maybe take a relaxing bubble bath, lather on some lotion, and dig out that sexy number you have in your dresser, put it on and I bet your husband will notice... (It'll make you feel better about yourself and that's what he'll notice the most) Good luck, God bless you and your family. Hope it gets better for you!


Kristee-Lea - posted on 06/08/2009




Hi Antoinette,

Sorry i have no advice for you but want you to know i feel your pain and understand!!!

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