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Ariann - posted on 06/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 27 and pregnant with my third child (technically this WOULDVE been #4..miscarriage in '05:-( I'm not sure how far along i am but i have an appt to find out next week. I have 2 boys already...11yrs and a 4, almost 5 year old. I always wanted 2 but no more than 3 children. My kids are at good ages and Im not sure Im ready to do this all over again especially with current situation...work, school,and my boys. Not sure I could handle it...took precautionary measures(at TIRED)but the condom failed.


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Louise - posted on 06/18/2012




If you were really against having another baby then why didn't you take the morning after pill which can be taken up to five days after the condom breaking.? It seems to me you want this baby more than you think.

It is completely up to you if you want to have this child or not. Up to the age of 8 weeks you can simply take two pills which makes it physically go away, although the emotional side can take months if it is not want you really want.

There is no need to raise an unwanted child, in this day and age. Every child should be 100% wanted and loved. If you can offer that then you and your family will welcome another little one.

Sharlene - posted on 06/18/2012




Oh shit, sorry to hear that. have you told your husband and how does he feel about the pregnany. I dont believe in abortion sorry, so I dont really know if I can give you advice ,but if you and hubby want this baby then have it . good luck

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