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Carlie - posted on 06/01/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




Recently, a "friend" updated her Facebook wall by describing her thoughts for leashes as a discipline tool for children. I'd be interested in hearing thoughts from others as well. Although I may or may not agree, all opinions are welcome. Having mentioned that...here is mine:

I DO NOT LIKE THEM. I do not understand the point of using a leash, created and purchased for animals, on a child-for ANY measure-discipline or otherwise.

This "friend" stipulated that although at first she did not care for them, she now understands why some parents use them as a discipline tool, and specifically using them to prevent a child from "escaping."

LEASHES ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN. THEY ARE NOT ANIMALS. They may act like little animals sometimes, but they are not of the animal family. You ask why a parent would EVEN think it's all right to do so?

Good question. I suppose the parent thinks of it as the "last straw" in discipline. I suppose they want to "teach them a lesson." I suppose what they were doing previously discipline-wise is no longer working. REGARDLESS, the PARENT needs to change, not the CHILD. The parent is the teacher. Teach your child to stay put, make the right CHOICE in doing so, or receive a consequence IN RELATION to the offense.

I mean was the child barking like a dog in the dog food aisle....because.....the child is part of the dog family....??? Ludicrous right? Amen.


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Cherish - posted on 07/06/2012




Good lord...
FIRST of all a leash is for safety NOT discipline.
You said the parent needs to change ay?
Then please tell me exactly how to do that?I would love,LOVE to see you "teach" my 10 year old to stay in one place...
Judgmental people suck

Dori - posted on 06/09/2012




i am a fan personally i decided i needed one when my son was 2 and as i went to pull my cart at the grocery store i put him down right beside me and wit in a second he dashed threw the automatic door and came with inches of being run over by a truck . most kids will stop when the command is given however my son has autism and still at the age of 4 still does not register with him . so we use it as a aid of protection from my son please parents dont be so harsh as you never know what a parents reasons are for using certian aids with there children yes i know some are using these as pure lazy as well with older children letting then in the carts but for some of us it is i guess a survival tool on being able to let our children go out in the world and be same

Robin - posted on 06/08/2012




I agree with denikka green A child harness is not for discipline it is completely a safety device only. I have 2 girls, 7 and 2. I did not agree with them at first either until I was in Walmart and turned my back for 1 second and a man came by and took my baby right out of the cart. Thank GOD she screamed as he started running off with her. I was given my first child harness that day by the manager of Walmart and I used it to secure my daughter in to the cart. And both of my kids loved there little buddies my 2 yr old refuses to go any where with out her monkey Boo Boo. She cries and will through a temper tantrum if I 4get it. she even sleeps with the monkey of course I remove the tail first. And I'm sorry but I hear moms in the store all the time yelling for their kids come here come here come here. and I thank GOD I don't have to be 1 of those moms. I especially like the harness for when we go out for a walk around the neighborhood. My 2 yr old can still explore and I don't have to cart around that heavy stroller. But she's still safe. I was with a friend 1 time and we were walking on the side walk and this car out of no where jumps the curb and if it hadn't been for the harness my baby would have been hit by the car. The harness has kept my kids from getting hurt because of other peoples stupidity many times and I am grateful to have 1.

America3437 - posted on 06/08/2012




Kids are not animals and should not be leashed! What's next.....chaining them up outside with fresh water? Just my opinion.

Kelina - posted on 06/05/2012




Well my kid is alive thanks to that leash. So while you my not like them I love it. She managed to pull her hand out of mine and tried to take off into the road just as a car was coming. The thing is, keeping your child safe is not treating them like an animal. Using something as an extra teaching tool is not treating them like an animal. Using it to control them or treat them like an animal is and I can see that it has been used that way. But you can't take one misused tool and base all it's uses on that.

Sharlene - posted on 06/04/2012




Are you serious, I cant believe people would treat there own child like that by putting dog leash for discipline ,I would never down grader my children like that , DISGRACE, AMEN

Denikka - posted on 06/01/2012




I have used a backpack leash for my son. And I might use one for my daughter. Not for discipline, but for safety.
My son was a runner. If I didn't have tight hold of his hand, he would just be gone. And he HATES having someone hold his hand. He'll squirm and fight to get his hand free.
I wanted to start allowing him some freedom and start teaching him how to walk with us safely. I used the leash as a safety device, to prevent him from running into traffic. Now, just over a year later, I don't have to use it any more. He has learned.
I taught him to hold our hands, and the leash was an extra safety precaution. I would have it around my wrist just in case he decided to let go of my hand and run off. And, as I mentioned, he learned and now no longer needs it.
I can also see it being a huge advantage in large crowds. It's so easy to lose a little one if your attention is diverted, even for just a second. If you lose a hand, they can just be gone in a crowd of people.
I don't agree with parents using leashes to drag their kids around. Or as discipline. But I see nothing wrong with using them as a safety device.

Kaitlin - posted on 06/01/2012




Not a fan either. Have you seen the disneyworld episode of Modern Family? OMG soooo funny!!!!!! You should go watch it. ;)

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