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we got out of our lease because he was deplying to japan right when our lease was going to be up, and I refused to get screwed into being stuck in that POS house for yet another year.
when we first moved into housing (we PCS'd from Holloman AFB NM last June) we noticed that the roof in the shed that was attached to the back of the house had mold growing all over it, we were like "oh well its outside and on the roof so no biggy" well then I had my oldest daughter tested for allergies and there are 2 things that shes very allergic too, ragweed and MOLD, so I called housing that same day and asked them to please send a maintance guy out to the house to evaluate the situation, and was told that I would have to talk to a Mary McCall (the head lady at the Landings at Langley) I was like Oh ok, so I had to leave a message on her voicemail I was expecting a call back within the next couple of days, and NOTHING...never got a call back, so I called back once a week for a month and a half, and NOTHING, never got a call back from that women.. my husband finally had to get his shop chief involved, and he called her and told her that if we didnt recieve a call back by 12:00 that day he was going to plant his rear in her office until HE got to have a chat with her, (she never called us back) but the head maintance guy Derek Stewart did show up at my door, and he was like "hi im here to check out some issue your having with your shed roof" so I took him out back and showed him what the problem was, and he was like "Uh yeah this has to be replaced" so I asked him when he had first heard about this problem and he said that he had only heard about it an hour before showing up at my door....interesting, really!!! and I proceeded to inform him about how long I had been trying to contact Mary McCall and he was not a happy camper specially after I had told him about my daughter being allergic to mold, he quickly got the matter taken care of.
So this isn't the first mold issue weve had at the property....
after we had moved out all I had left to do was pick up a couple box's out of the kitchen area, we hadnt been at the property in about 4 days, so I decided to stop over and pick them up on the saturday of the last scheduled water outage, when I entered the house, I quickly knew that something was wrong because of the musty smell that hit me in the face when I opened the door. The bathroom downstairs had brown standing water, the LR carpet was saturated w/ brown water and the dining room tile floor had brown standing water, I immedietly called the emergency number to housing maintance they sent a couple guys out an hour or so later, they came out, looked at it, and said "I bet its your condensation line to your air conditing unit well suck out the line and see if there is a clog" they did that and there wasn't a clog in it, the guy even said it was cleaner than most others he's had to clean out, and the other guy was like "you know what I bet the water blew a line from the water outage earlier, pressure proably built up in your pipes and it needed someplace to go so it blew a line" !!! THATS IT.... they never tried to figure out where the damn water was coming from or where this blown line was...nothing. I asked him what they were going to do about the soaking wet carpet, and he was like "what do you mean what are we gonna do about the carpet, were not gonna do anything with it, let it dry out and it will be fine" I was like Ummmm sir, you cant do that, my dad was in flooring for 20 years and i know that if your padding gets wet like this then the carpet is ruined and has to be torn out" and he was like well were not gonna remove it, just let it dry out and it will be fine.. OK so we let it dry out. I opened every window in the house and let them stay open for about 3 weeks, when I was finally able to get back over to the house and do some cleaning.
I had noticed that the baseboard right there in the LR had a little bit of blackness to them, but didnt think anything of it. i hadnt noticed any more water anywhere, so I stared to clean the kitchen....because of when I work I wasnt able to go over to the house on a regular basis to clean, and one day I went over and the house smelled really musty again I was like " Oh great" then I walked around the corner and found MOLD growing all over the tile floor in the dining room, it was coming up between every tile, and there was mold now growing on the baseboard in the LR, and now there was even MOLD growing in the front LR where there wasnt even any water damage..IM like WTF man.... this possibly can't get any worse. so again I immediatly call housing to let them know whats going on, and they are like "uh what do you want us to do about it" they sent two guys out, and one guy comes in and says" see its not mold I can scratch it with my finger nail..." I was like " Sir, im sorry but when it comes to my childs health I need more to go on that that" he looked at me like I was retarted!!! he sent a guy out with a bucket of bleach water to clean the floor...thats it!!! when I got home I started calling mold specialist companies, it was late in the day so I was going to be lucky to find someone that was still open. Finally got ahold of someone and told him about everything, described how it looked and all that, and he said it was definatly mold, and that the maintance guys are idiots for thinking its just mildew, he said mildew doesn't spred as quickly and if it was mildew then it would only be where the water damage was...and not in the other LR. And he also said that Bleach doesn't kill mold, it just stunts it, once the bleach has totally evaporated it starts to regrow.
sooooooo here I husband has now been depolyed to Japan until the first week of October, im left here with my three kids one of who is very allergic, and the housing office said there are my three choices 1: I clean the house myself 2: I pay someone to clean the house for me or 3: I pay the housing office 350.00 and they will charge me for a full house clean, just so that the hous passes the final inspection!!!! They want the house cleaned up so the maintance guys can come in and fix there mistake, im like UH NO that is a huge waste of my time and money and health to do that. This isn't my fault, I, nore any of my kids are at fault for breaking the air conditioner or that blown line, and if the stupid maintance guys had fixed this problem properly in the first place then we wouldnt be in this same situation were in today...This past Sunday I tried to be the bigger person and go over and do some cleaning (my pre-inspection was Monday morning) so Im mainly upstairs cleaning up packing paper and little things off the carpet, when I got back downstairs I went into the bathroom to get some stuff off the couter and I was like " OMG NOT AGAIN" there was water coming out from under the bathroom wall AGAIN!!! I started screaming at everything, I was so I am trying to be the bigger person and what the hell, more water. So I made no attempt to clean it up, I took the trash bags out to the curb and said "to hell with it, im done with this crap" my inspection was the next morning at 10:00, when I got there a maintance guy (same one who said "see its not mold I can scratch it with my finger" and some blond from the housing offce were there. I let them in and said "first I want you both to see the downstairs bathroom, I came over yesterday to do some cleaning when I found this" they were both like "huh there water coming out from under the wall" thats it.........nothing else. Then we walked into the kitchen and the housing lady was like "hey look there is brown water all over the kitchen floor too" THAT WASN'T THERE THE NIGHT BEFORE, so im like WTF man.......
Im NOT going to clean this freaking house, I told the lady from the housing office that im not responsible for this situation, and im not taking responsibility for the house in the current condition that its in now, due to the water leak" and she was like "well then we'll charge you 350.00" I told her that wasn't going to happen and that I wouldnt pay her... her and the maintance guy left at 10:07.... she never went upstairs to tell me what needed to be done, never told me what I needed to do to the yard, nothing. But im sure i'll get screwed over because of that too.


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id tell them that youll see them in court! i wouldnt give those good for nothing ppl a dime of my money!!!!! im so sorry that you are going threw something like this especially w/ a child that is allergic to mold. my heart goes out to you and i hope that wherever you are living now is a much better, safer enviroment for you and your family.

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