Mother in-law!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read.

Laura - posted on 01/12/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Okay, so maybe you have read my last post about brother in laws.

So run down anyway if you didn't...

17 year old brother in law is calling my 9 month old nasty names.

Boyfriend called mother today to talk to her about her youngest son (17 year old calling baby names)

Mother says: Suck it up... Jarod pays rent, you can't kick him out.

Mother in law is selfish. She makes her oldest daughter (26) pay for her youngest daughters (14) cheerleading, and kicks 14 year old out every weekend to go to oldest daughters house. Mother in law got pissed off because we said that the next time Jarod says anything to Aiden that he's gone.

Because he pays rent.

Not too impressed with all this stuff.


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Amber - posted on 01/28/2009




If there is no signed lease, KICK him out and cut all ties with the in-laws!  If there is a legal lease then go about it legally and call 911 or go make a complaint at the local office.  Then when you can kick him out, cut all ties

Breanne - posted on 01/26/2009




i have to say i too was once a "rebellious" one like that not to long ago, and had i lived with an older sibling and was like that to thier child, whether i was paying rent or not my ass wouldn't been out the door quicker than anyone could ever raise a hand to me. maybe you need to "take away" other things because he obviously doesn't appreciate you taking him in. like, does he buy his own food? guess it's a good time to start.... or pay his thrid of the bills? cause sweetie we both know if you live somewher as an adult you have to pay for that stuff yourself. you can explain it to him as a if he's going to be calling your child names and be disprespectful then he gets to pay for the whole package, or as an adult, find somewhere else to live, whether it be with his sister or a friend or whomever. make sure you do it right though, treat him like an adult and don't just up and kick him out one day. give him a 14 day notice in writing and after taht 14 days move his stuff out of the house and change the locks. if he breaks into the house, it's breaking and entering, good reason to call the cops on him. if he does man up and start paying for everything, doing his fair share of work around the house, you'll have to man up because face it, not everyone is always going to be nice to your child, it's the way life goes, he will be fine if his uncle calls him names at 9 months cause chances are he won't remember anyways.

Jolene - posted on 01/26/2009




Kick him out! He may pay the rent, but your most important job is protecting your child.

Michele - posted on 01/23/2009




I sure wouldn't put up with it.  He would be out the door so fast his head would be spinning.  Either that or I would shove a bar of soap down his throat... dirty mouth needs cleaning. I am fortunate....I have a great mother in law.  If her son(s) are doing something wrong...she tells them.  When my husband and I  married...she told him... "if I ever hear of you hitting Michele, I will come over ther and knock your  teeth down your throat."  Yeah, Go MOM....LOL

I know alot of people have problems with inlaws...thank goodness your boyfriend has the guts to stand up for your son.  More often than not they just keep their mouths shut.  

It's your house...your rules...  Either he is respectful of you , your son and boyfriend or out he goes....  Your mother in law will probably blow a gasket ...but  her attitude has probably contributed to the 17 year olds lack of respect and immaturity.


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He may pay rent, but who says you have to accept it after the next time he says something to your baby? Then you have no reason why you can't kick him out.


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