One hell of a fortnight

Jasmine - posted on 03/16/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




At the beginning of this pay fortnight i sat down and looked at our expenses, we were going to come out at the end with about $250 to spare. I was actually excited as thats not happened for a long time. (not that we are poor) That afternoon my partner took the car to a tyre mob as he had noticed a bubble in the wall of the wheel. After two opinions from separate companies is was clear that not only did we have to replace that one, but another as well. There goes $262. A couple of days later our cat was showing early signs of a paralysis tick, so off to the vet we went, on a Sunday night after hours. There goes another $131, the vet told us that its not a tick he is just getting old and has a sore back. The rest of the week actually went by smoothly, we planned on going to the markets to get some cheap vege and save a little money. Saturday passed unevenfully but some time in the middle of the night we were woken by an unusual noise outside and the dog growling, after hearing nothing else we went back to sleep. Sunday morning we got up bright and early to beat the heat, we were reversing out the driveway and i looked at our second car that is parked out in the street, i thought to myself that the dew on the car looked wierd so looked again. Some nice considerate person (substitute that part for strong swear words) had shattered in the window of the car. We know it was intentional because of the footprints up and over the car. Both my partner and i are quiet ppl and dont mix with the wrong crowd, so its unlikely we were targeted specifically. Unfortunately THAT car is not insured, So now there goes one car till we can afford to replace the windscreen. At this point I should mention that last week my partner had a touch of the flu/cold so naturally this week my 6 month bub and i have got it. Yesterday i decided that i really didnt like the wheezing my daughter had. So i made an appointment with the closest dr to us as i was on foot, he prescribed ventilin for the wheezing. Unfortunately that also meant i would need a spacer and breathing mask. Knowing that funds are very very low i was worried about the price of everything. The chemist had everything that i would need, it came to about $65. at that point i burst into tears as i wasn't sure if i even had that much in my accounts. In the end i only got one out of 2 of the ventilin (they were both the same) and used the little change that was in my purse. It was the worst feeling i can remember having for a long long time, thinking that i would not be able to afford my daughters own medicine. And i NEVER want to feel that way again. I'm just glad that we get paid tomorrow.


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Holly - posted on 03/18/2009




That's quite a week you had. When you have a chance kick back and snuggle up with your partner yo deserve some down time.

Stephanie - posted on 03/18/2009




i completely hear you on the money woes. my husband and i are always left with too much month at the end of the money. we are behind on a lot of our bills, but for some of them theres just no way that they can be paid right now. i have to focus on house and car and food first thing. of course i was one of those young people that was stupid with a credit card and am now a more mature oerson whos paying the price for my stupid mistakes. at least ive learned my lesson!!

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