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My husbands 5 year old daughter decided to lie to her mom and said that I smacked her across the face! I have never spanked her, let alone smacked her in the face! This caused a huge problem with her mom and now she's trying to fight me. On top of this I have my husbands mom who is encouraging the situation and trying to start trouble with me. My husband already told his mom that he doesn't want anything to do with her because of this situation, but I feel bad. I was never close to my own family, and I loved that he was close to his. Now this situation is causing a huge rift in the family. I understand why everyone (but my husband) believes the little girl but what can I do to prove that I never touched her? My husbands knows that I didn't because I would have told him, and his daughter would have told him the day it happened, instead of waiting to tell her mom after all this time that it supposedly happened. Now everyone is blaming me for the situation. They say it's my fault, if I wasn't still in my husband lifes that everything would be fine. Now his mother is harassing me and constantly sending me messages on my phone and on the internet.


Jamie - posted on 07/22/2010




Maybe you should email your previous convo. on June 22 to your step daughters mom. The lying was a concern for you then and as long as your husband is beside you then he should be the one dealing with the Ex. if she isn't okay co-parenting with you, the unfortunate thing is your 5yr old if not being directed by older siblings has figured out how to play both ends and start conflict...Grandma needs to step back b/c all are her grandchildren no favortism gma

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