Anyone have experience with Mary Kay??

Erinn - posted on 06/02/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I'm looking for an at home job and heard a few good things about Mary Kay, but don't have time to get screwed over.... anyone have experience working with them or heard anything about it??


M_thai81 - posted on 01/22/2010




My question is ......why sell makeup when you have competition everywhere around you?
I sell prepaid legal plans to families along with wills that comes with the plan. This is a service that ALL families need and it's cheap!! It's less than what you would pay for a pizza for a family. Not only that...THERE IS NO COMPETITION and...IT'S A SERVICE THAT YOU SELL ONCE TO A FAMILY.

I get paid 3 ways:
1. Upfront commission
2. Overrides from my team
3. Residual income that I get month after month.

You can email me for more info...


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Michaela - posted on 05/14/2012




It can be done, but it's not quick. If you are under a pushy Director you will wind up putting a lot of money into it. I did not make an investment. My customers understood they had to wait for delivery and it was not a problem. I have been selling for 3 years now, I do have somewhat of an inventory and a good customer base...but I was JUST able to quit my full-time job. You may have a quicker experience in that than I did, but unless you are financially capable of making ends meet in the meantime, I would only do it on the side for now. Be careful how far you expand your is better to be a consultant with a great customer base and a few people under you than you to keep climbing the ladder....the higher you go in the company you are expected to motivate your team (with freebies coming out of your profit) and go to seminars (weekend trips, hotel costs...) I hope I do not offend any previous posters b saying this: but directorship and above is more for the bored housewife that doesn't NEED an income and has so much money changing hands she never realizes she is barely making $5K a year profit. Most women lose money the higher in the career ladder they climb and not only that, but it CONSUMES your life. This is generally not the goal of the Mom trying to stay home with her kids. It can be very beneficial, just do it right!

April - posted on 11/11/2010




Hi Erinn,
You posted this sometime ago. I am going to close this conversation out since it is rather old. There is a pinned thread at the top of the forum that provides resources and tips on how to start a business, what to look for etc. Starting a business from home requires homework and due diligence but no matter what you decide on, you have to be passionate about it. Best of luck to you!

Emily - posted on 04/22/2010




I sell Mary Kay and Party Lite and have made more money on PartyLite than I have with MK. But that may be more because of my circle of friends and the area that I'm in, I'm not sure. Both companies have been great though, I have have no complaints. The nice thing about PL is that your inventory will never expire. If a few years down the road you decide to get out you can sell whats left of your inventory (new as well as used at parties) on ebay. Old makeup...not so much. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

Miranda - posted on 01/29/2010




I would look into Tastefully Simple (home party business but they sell food). My mom does it and really likes it She has made some money at it too. Its like anything tho I think. You have to really work it to make money. The good thing about selling food is everyone eats lol.

Veronica - posted on 01/25/2010




I've never done MaryKay, I never tried their products - Ive only heard things about the business and products. Im not going to sit here and downgrade a company - that has been there for years, and has worked for people.

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